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PVP forum rules



PVP Information


The title of the PVP should contain its date start and date end. If the PVP doesn't have a end date, write "unlimited" instead. 



[14 July - 25 November] No love for Burpees PVP



The PVP thread will be closed one week after the announced date end. If for some reasons you want to make it last longer, you can either edit its title if you are the original poster and change the date end to your will or ask a guild leader to do it, directly in the thread or by sending him/her a private message. 



The PVP presentation should indicate if the PVP is closed (Typically a PVP between 2 members) or open. A up-to date list of the participants in the presentation is advised. 


Other things I should think about?


Be specific

Make sure the participants knows what they should do. If you want to organize a pushup PVP, tell what variations are authorized, if your PVP involve an unusual exercise, a video of it would help people to know at once what they should do.


Be careful

We all love PVP, sometimes a little too much. Pushing people to make some exercises everyday wouldn't be wise as it would increase the risk of injuries. Remember to give the participants the possibility to rest.


​Be organised

We also all love spreadsheets or at least a place to record our activities, so, if your PVP could use it, setting up one would be a nice addition. 



How to make my PVP noticed?

You have written a cool PVP and you want more people to participate? What about telling some Guild leaders about it? A running PVP may interest the scouts for example while a pullup PVP would certainly interest the Assassins. If they think the PVP may interest some of their guild members, they will promote it to them. 



Stat points/titles/official NF awards are not allowed here - if you want to give a reward it's 100% up to you to handle it.


If you want to offer real life products or a monetary prize, you will be responsible for providing that - Nerd Fitness will not provide any prizes for PVP Challenges.

  • Please be careful giving your home address and personal information out to people you don't know or trust, even if they are rebels and if you have won a prize they want to mail to you.
  • If you want to offer Nerd Fitness products, we do offer gift certificates that you could purchase and send to the winner so no one is responsible for having another challenger's personal information.

You are welcome to "bet" money where everyone who enters puts in a specific amount of money (as a buy in) to enter the challenge, and the winner gets the pot, however:

  • If you are the person arranging the challenge, you will be responsible for holding the money and not spending it throughout the length of the challenge
  • If you are a challenger, you will be responsible for trusting the person you send your money to.  If something happens, and they don't give the money to the winner, and keep it all for themselves - Nerd Fitness is not responsible.
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Be careful

We all love PVP, sometimes a little too much. Pushing people to make some exercises everyday wouldn't be wise as it would increase the risk of injuries. Remember to give the participants the possibility to rest.
uh oh, daily burpees...I think I'm being scolded here ;)

I added a note to my PvP on how to reduce recovery cost and advised participants to skip a day if needed. I hope that's enough.

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Wait, so how does Pvp work? I don't really get it... I'm just imaging a battlefield with a bunch of people fighting to the death, which is kinda scaring me XD

A PVP is an unofficial side challenge created by and for participants.  It is completely outside the normal 6 weeks challenge, though it may match with a specific 6 week challenge time cycle.  It is also completely optional.  It is a way for people to compete with each other as a group, and may, or may not, cross guild lines.

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