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Losing Machines (Continued)

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So random thought:


I think the world is out to get me when I start these challenges.  Last time I started a challenge I had a major life style adjust right at the kick off and this challenge I had the same darn thing happen to me!


On that note, anyone know of some great lactose free recipes and such I could try out? Being a lover of all things cheese, I'm having an unhappy moment here.


In other news, how are challenges working out for everyone else this week?


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Ah, finally back at it.


Sorry to hear about giving up cheese, Kort.  That's like breaking up in my world -- I can't imagine.


I haven't made much challenge progress, but they may have finally found out why I'm getting sick all the time, and it's not even serious :)  Basically acid from my stomach is coming up and burning my larynx, which should be easily controlled my medication.  Fingers crossed!


How is everyone else?  We're all a bit quiet on here this time!

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Make sure that medicine has really low side effects. Doctors always try to hook you up with a medicine only for you to find out that it has a life affecting side effect. And then you go back for another prescription to counter the side effect!


Quiet is right! Where'd everyone go? Well I'm doing pretty good, God keeps throwing curveballs at my face with mom stressing, and my twin is moving in :(  Right now I am feeling achy and unmotivated to do weight training. All I've been doing is sprinting and my body doesn't do well with just straight cardio, I have to lift!


Kort-No cheese!? Life would have no meaning....it's like being told I can't have bacon....just...no....

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