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The Sutras and Canons of AWESOME


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That's right, folks! This is where we post the music that makes us braver than we thought we could be. If it stirs your bones, makes your heart race, causes your fist to clench, then it probably belongs here.


I'll go ahead and post up for you.


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This has been my go-to pump song for a lot of years:



I probably spent too many years going to raves, but electronic music will almost always get my heart pumping and get me moving.  It's a like a straight tap to my adrenal glands.


Also, Kishi?  Very epic.

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No, seriously, it took me a month to find it.


Click the "Special BB Code" button in the menu bar.  It's on the top row, third from the left.  You'll get a pop-up.  Select "Media" from the BBCode dropdown.  Paste your youtube url into the the big text box at the bottom.


Nice and intuitive, right?

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repost from my Challenge topic just for the record.  (next post is a more 'pump up')

Still, once I've heard this, after 2minutes of crying: i go in god-mode, don't need other music from that point on. (that actually happened to me while listening to a Drum&Bass set; dj mixed this through, i went berserk for 2hours)


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Before this thread gets too big.  This has to happen.




It's an 'toooooo old song' , but seeing the clip putting all competitors on an equal basis during it's lenght, i was moved & renewed me as fan-base, tnx

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I love this kind of threads because they introduce me to music/bands/genres I didn´t know existed. So be sure I´m listening to each and every input.



I have not even played Devil May Cry, but my brother showed me this one. Great for that angry set.





Megaman X music always get the job done. Always.


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