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girljen, Get Strong!


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Another week.  This challenge is not going well.  I just know I'm trying to change too much, too soon.


The lifting is awesome, I'm all over that.


I never did order Starting Strength, and I'm starting to realize that I really need it.  That'll be my gift to myself next payday, but that's still a fail for Goal #2.


I set three food restrictions for myself.  One is at least seven paleo meals a week, which is going surprisingly well.  One is a limit of one sweet treat per week.  I've made it once.  The last is a limit of four alcoholic beverages per week.  I've made that once, had five drinks the other couple weeks, but it's never that far from my mind and it pisses me right off. 


I went from 8 drinks a week to 4.  >_<  I love and savor my alcohol.  I would give up chocolate, makeup, facebook (YA RLY), my Wii, or coffee before I'd give up beer.  So.  While limiting my consumption has been helpful (easier mornings! pounds lost! money saved! even greater appreciation for the drinks I have!), it has also been aggravating.  That, more than anything, has tempted me to throw my hands up and say "Screw this challenge, it is Beer:30 up in here!"


The granny square challenge went right out the window, effectively replaced by the "I must clean my house every day because apparently I'm allergic to cats and I don't want to turn into a boogery mess" challenge.  That one's going well enough. 


I could give up now.  I could pour myself a tall, strong drink right now and enjoy the hell out of it while cleaning my house (because challenge or not, that's a necessity).  I could order dessert on my date tonight.




This is important.  This is one of those character-building learning experiences.  I will complete the challenge.  I will assess myself fairly.  I will look back at this thread, and emails, and journals, and figure out what exactly was going on when I made bad choices like another sweet treat or drink #5 for the week.  I will save a link to this challenge and look back at it when I do my next one to compare how I'm doing.  This is going to suck, I may not level up, and I'm going to own it anyway.

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You actually ARE doing really well. A lot of the challenge's purpose (I think) is for learning about yourself, collecting data, and making a hypothesis about what's best for your body. Putting that hypothesis to the test for the next challenge and keep going. 


You just said, you went from 8 drinks/week to 4! That's fantastic! You also hit the nail on the head by saying that you probably too on too much - and it's not going to be the end of the world if you need to scale back one challenge in order to help yourself get through the other ones. Remember - this is about your big picture - your big life quest!


I haven't gotten an A in my calorie challenge any of the weeks yet. However, I'm still making progress in my life goal. Analysis? I probably made that challenge too strict and could do with a little loosening. Like you, I'm going to keep trying for my original goal but I'm not going to beat myself up If I keep making progress elsewhere.


you're doing great! and never give up!


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You can do it, GJ. Even if you aren't meeting your goals 100%, you're doing better than you were before the challenge. WAY better. If you haven't already, check out Steve's latest article on the NF blog site - maybe that'll help you along.


And despite how you might feel, you've accomplished lots! Cut your drinking in half, lifting like a boss, managing your allergies, eating more paleo. It's full of win.

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CONGRATS!! You are owning this challenge! Finish the last week strong!


Nice work on the deadlift!


Regarding the bench, are you resting enough in between your heavy sets? See #5 of this article: http://thefitcoach.wordpress.com/2013/07/27/top-10-mistakes-people-following-starting-strength-make/


I know early on I could get away with only resting about 2 minutes between my top sets, but once the weight got heavier, I definitely had to increase that. These days, I rest at least 5 minutes between my heaviest sets, and often it's more like 6-8 minutes. You don't have to necessarily go that long between your warmup sets, but definitely consider your muscle's ATP when doing your heaviest work. Good luck and keep it up!


If I rested for 6-8 minutes in between heaviest sets I'd be in the gym for like 2 hours. Maybe that means I'm doing too many different exercises...

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CONGRATS!! You are owning this challenge! Finish the last week strong!



If I rested for 6-8 minutes in between heaviest sets I'd be in the gym for like 2 hours. Maybe that means I'm doing too many different exercises...


It does make it tough to get in much assistance work. For example, I'm just on a really bare bones program with assistance lifts, but I still have to do a 4-day split to get my workouts in. Early on during Startign Strength, I pretty much just gave myself 2 minutes, but once I started missing reps I was adding on a little extra rest and that was a big help. Eventually I just had to add more and more the heavier things got.

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