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Thrillho - Ideal Of A Beautiful Victory


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I've come to enjoy the soreness.  All day long, the soreness is like a giant glowing trophy over my head.  I feel like I won.


It´s because you DID win. +10 Respects!

Level: 4 Human Monk

STR: 14 | DEX: 7 | STA: 10.75 | CON: 6.75 | WIS: 13.75 | CHA: 1.75 |


"Effort without results is only self satisfying bunk" - Kain R. Heinlein.


"You can make mistakes, but you are not a failure until you blame others for those mistakes." - John Wooden.


"Misery is comfortable. Happiness takes effort." - David Wong.

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I would like to make a slight amendment to last week's MMA update:




Last night's MMA class was the single hardest physical activity I've ever done.  At Goes Ju-jitsu, years ago at Go-Shin Do, years ago when I was TRAINING FOR A COMPETITION, I never found myself pushed that far.  After one hour, my shirt and shorts were so soaked with sweat they couldn't hold any more, so a trail of sweat was following me around. My partner for the night was a PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY HOCKEY PLAYER, about 215 lbs of muscle, but it was his first night so I was beating him on skill slightly.  Later on, though, when we had three minutes sparring, one minute breaks, one minute wasn't enough to catch my breath.  I couldn't take a deep enough breath.  I was leaning against the wall, dropping everywhere, just breathing hard and trying to focus my eyes, but the teacher said "Don't care! Spar!" I spent the last three rounds just sprawling and trying to keep my head down, and any time I ended up on the bottom and there was ANY weight on my chest I stopped breathing completely.  


It took a little bit of time afterwards, after driving home, throwing my ten-pound shirt into the laundry, having a shower and collapsing onto the couch... that I realized I made it for the entire class.  Ninety solid minutes of that. A year ago, hell, SIX MONTHS AGO, I could not have made it for the entire class. I would have bowed out. 


So that's something.


And this morning, despite being ONE GIANT BRUISE (I count ten distinct, tiny purple bruises on my right arm, FECKING OW) and with a massive lumpy charley horse on the back of my left leg and a lower back that was rubbed raw and ribs that ache, I managed all my squats, three more bench presses and ADDED TEN POUNDS to my deadlift.


I've come to enjoy the soreness.  All day long, the soreness is like a giant glowing trophy over my head.  I feel like I won.




Ok, that's enough silliness.  I need coffee.


Holy Crap, I was sitting at the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading this post.


So. Much. Awesome.   ....and sweat. :)



Congrats, Thrillho! You ROCK!



p.s. ya gotta have the battle scars :)

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Next post-challenge update:


Wednesday night at Kaiten.  Striking.  We started off (STARTED OFF) with twenty minutes of partner drills, flying knees into pads.  I was soaked with sweat just after that.  Then an hour of partner boxing drills and stance work, then twenty minutes of just free sparring, and since me and the new guy didn't have shin guards yet, we just did straight up boxing.  I thought that was ok, since my legs were dead, but HE'S A BOXER.  He's won three amateur bouts in town. Every single time he counters, it's with a f***ing ridiculous cross to the body. On the plus side, he really doesn't know how to fight someone who knows martial arts, so I was countering with headshots that he never even tried to block. 


Satisfying moment of the night: connecting with a right hook so hard the coach got sweat-splattered from about six feet away. 


Painful moments: all of them since then.  The body bruises and sore knees have added their voices to the chorus of all-over pain. 


Still, now I know what to expect.  Hello, recovery day. 

The cancer was aggressive, but the chemotherapy was aggressive, as well.

There was aggression on both sides. 

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