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Lilbichy's quest to look her best!


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This is my second challenge.  The first one was so much fun; I couldn’t wait until the next one started.  I even convinced a friend to try it out.  =)   My goals may be slightly similar, but I added extra stuff to get me out of my comfort zones and challenge myself more. 


Lilbichy’s quest to look her best!

In September I will be attending an anime convention and have decided to try Cosplay for the first time.  My daughter is doing it as well.  I know most people try to get in better shape for weddings, vacations, etc….not me!  I want to look my best in my Cosplay Outfit.  Which is just a Kimono but still, I want to rock that Kimono. 

How can you look good without doing some work? Goal #1 – Fitness (+2 STR, +2 DEX, +2 STA)

  • Cardio – 2 days a week, 30 minutes at gym and one 10 minute video at home.  I got a couple of 10 minute solution boot camp and kick boxing videos that I want to try doing.  Switch up the boring cardio days a bit!
  • Weights – 2 days a week, I have already set up a workout schedule for weights, divided between upper and lower body.  Since I am still lack confidence in weight area at the gym, these are all exercises I will be able to do at home.
  • Class – 1 day a week.  This is my “get out of comfort zone†part.   Each week I will try a new class somewhere.  I have already decided to try classes at gym, rec center, yoga, and even attempt a beginning cross fit class.
  • Stretch – 1 day a week, 30 minutes minimum.  I stretch randomly throughout the day, but found last challenge that spending 1 day a week focusing just on stretching made my body very happy!  Who doesn’t love a happy body?  LOL

Grading – This will make for a total of 36 workouts. 

33-36 workouts = A, 29-32 workouts = B, 25-28 workouts = C,21-24 workouts = D, < 20 workouts = F


Why work out so much if you will just feed yourself full of crap?  Goal #2 – Eating (+4 CON)

  • This one was a challenge for me.  I still would like to follow a Paleo eating plan.  Last challenge I averaged 75% eating paleo.  I would like to get that up.   I do have 2 cheat days set up, my birthday is at the end of August so I will have meals with my mom and dad, and I want to eat whatever I want!

Grading – over 90% clean eating = A, 80% - 89% = B, 70% - 79% = C, 60% - 69% = D, <59% = F


Doing all this good goes unnoticed if you don’t track it!  Goal #3 – Tracking (+3 WIS)

  • Daily tracking for food and exercise. 
  • Mental tracking, 5 days a week I will write down 1 positive thing.  Could be 1 thing I am grateful for, 1 think I like about myself, or even 1 thing I am proud of accomplishing.  I want to track 5 of these a week minimum. 

Grading – 2 points daily for food and exercise, 5 points weekly for mental tracking.

103-114 points = A, 91-102 points = B, 79-90 points = C, 67-78 points = D, < 66 points = F


Those are all things to get my mind and body ready for NDK! 

Now on to side quests for life in general. (+2 CHA)

  • How can I Cosplay when my costume isn’t finished.  I need to spend time each week getting our costumes completed.  We don’t have a lot more to do just the little time consuming things. 
  • My kids have expressed desire to use our storage room as just like a hang out room, to do nails, set up for their school work, etc.  Each week we (I) will spend time making this happen for them. 
  • Time to focus on myself and my mental health!  I have ordered a Self Esteem work book to help me build confidence.  I will work in this workbook for at least 30 minutes each week. 

Grading – 3 points awarded per week.

16-18 points  = A, 14-15 points = B, 12-13 points = C, 10-11 points = D, <9 points = F


Beginning Stats:

Height - 5'5"

Weight - 123.4

Neck - 12.5

Chest - 35.5

Bicep - 9.75

Waist (taken at belly button) - 31.5

Hips - 35.5

Thigh - 19.5



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Nice! A anime convention body challenge is much great than a beach body challenge, and a more noble, in my opinion! Can't wait to see your progress this time around. Good luck! 

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Wow! What great motivation! I hope you post a picture when you get your costume settled! :)


Also, let's kick some Ranger butt. We need new tshirts! :D

i have a tshirt addiction!  I am glad we are on the same team, time to kick some butt!!!


Very nice!  Also, woop woop for late August birthdays!  We'll have to have a cross-squad celebration/gif party.   :D

Heck yeah!  Virgos rule! =)


Thanks lil' for showing me this!  I'm building mine now!  I know you personally, so this the accountability will be strong in both directions.  I have no doubt you will rock your goals!

anytime!  ty for being my in town accountabilibuddy!  hopefully we can help each other out through the challenge =) =)



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Hi Lilbichy


I don't think I've posted on one of your threads before - so 'hi' and can I first say I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! omg rainbow.  So COOOOL!!!! 


I also have a secret hankering to (1) go to a cosplay convention and (2) have the abs etc for it!  These cosplay/con things seem to be quite big over in the US!


Have you got a character in mind?


And I spot Chris mentioning you're in IT... can I ask what you do?  I'm a techie!  And it's always nice to meet others :)

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ohaio!  ty for compliment on hair, I love it too! 


I do not have the abs for most of the cosplay.  I am doing it with my daughter (16) and we both wanted something not too revealing.  We are doing Nurarihyon no Mago, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan.  She decided on Yuki Onna and I am going to be Kagibari Onna.  They are pretty simple costumes, hers we found completely made and just have to do the little details.  Mine will be put together, but since it is simple, shouldnt be too hard.  Neither one of us are extremely creative so this works, maybe next year we can get more complex =)  You should totally do Cosplay. 


I work for a network consulting firm.  The company handles IT for small to medium businesses that dont want to hire full time IT person.  I do all the helpdesk/remote work.  It is pretty easy most days.  I have a lot of down time to surf net, watch anime, etc.  What do you do?


Today was pretty awesome Zombie run!  My kids, brother and myself all had a blast =)  I didnt think I would get much of a workout since the girls decided to be zombies, but afterwards, I can definitly tell I did work a bit chasing people!  We were World War Z zombies, not Zombieland zombies!  LOL



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Awesome goals and motivation! I love doing cosplays but I don't get to go to as many as I'd like anymore. Can't wait to see you rockin that kimono. Good luck.

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So cool that you workout with your family. :)


HA, I convinced my kids to do 2 events with me, the Rugges Maniac back in May (which they have already said Hell no to next year) and the Zombie Run, which they say they probably wont do next year since they had to get up at 6am.  LOL


Such a great family picture!  My poor brother was chased down by 3 female zombies! 



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Good luck with the first week! :D



Day 1 is coming to an end!  I was super motivated this morning.  Had a Monday from Hell and just kept smiling through it!  Now I just have to keep this motivation!  I was able to keep up with all my goals for the day.  Eating was great!  It is funny.... I crave such awful foods like they are spectacular but overall the foods I make on Paleo are pretty tasty!  I mean seriously who doesnt love some bacon???



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Wow, you're off to a great start on an amazing list of goals, lilbichy! The zombie family photo is hilarious! Also, I'll be interested to know how the crossfit class goes. I don't have it for a goal this time (focusing on weight loss at the moment) but I'm starting to check out the local crossfit box to see if it might be a good fit in the future.


Good luck in the challenge!

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