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exjamieus' Good Fight

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 The Good Fight - Recap


Main Quest | Live the Good Life: Fit - Healthy - Happy


I have a confession to make. I'm still getting used to the idea I can "be fit" and not run. Only recently have I stopped saying 'I'm in the worst shape of my life.' I've been in love with soccer for so long that I have completely discounted any other form of exercise as irrelevant. That is starting to change. I kid you not, about every 4 weeks I rediscover that weight lifting makes me feel good, that I can nerd out over it and that I like it. Last challenge I started the 5/3/1 program which I am continuing this challenge. But I'm progressing forward from "the goal is to do it" to how to keep this fun and engaging. On days where my tummy feels good I feel incredible. On days when I feel bad I get a serious attitude problem "This is the new normal/healthy for me. I'll never feel better again" <-- time to lean in and take charge. I have absolute control over what goes in my mouth. Perhaps if I can present data to myself in a way I'm used to I'll be more proactive in my own life. 


Goal 1 

Pull Ups - 30 "pull up units" a week. 

All combinations of pull ups, chin ups, negatives, neutral hand positions 


A   -  30!

B   -   25

B-  -   20 

C   -   15 (where I'm at now)  

An odd ending, sorta wish I'd anticipated this. I doubled the number of pull ups I can do, but didn't max out my # of pull ups per week <-- but I'm more or less ok with where I am 

4 consecutive pull ups. For. The. Win. 


Goal 2

Clean - Put all the pieces together!

Perfect the form and add some weight. I've been working off some California Strength 3 step instructional videos. Currently I'm still at step one. 


A   -   I can clean! and have a reasonable idea of weights to use

B   -   I put all the pieces together!

C   -   nope

I kid you not, my dead lift and my clean was complimented today. I have no idea where that came from. I think the amount of clean depends entirely on how much time I spend doing it. I always have to arm up with just the bar, I can't skip that. But I haven't really found an upper limit (also haven't gone crazy). 



Goal 3

Track meals and GI issues

Meal components can be tabulated loosely. GI issues will be graphical. 


A   -    25 days of data (60%)

B   -    25 days of data (50%)

C   -    17 days of data (40%)

NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS and it's a trace mother fuckers.


Life Quest | Nail that 'E'

I'm on track to receive an "exceeds expectations" for this fiscal year. This challenge will get me most of the way there (Sept 30th). Once a week I want to study/read/prepared outside of work to develop new expertise. 


A   -    6x  100%

B   -    4x  66%

C   -    3x  50%

Bring it Ashland, Inc. you are so painted in a corner. 



Life Quest Goal 1.5 apparently I need to stop derailing people's threads...

Lasted for as long as it could, I feel. 


Also - my dead lift and my clean were complimented at the gym today


Also - I'm eating the best spinach of my life. 

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Goal 1: Go you, I need to figure out how to kick this elbow tenodnitis so I can get back to these, was really enjoying them.

Goal 2: You're gonna get lots of compliments on form from people who know what they're talking about. Once you know what you're supposed to do, you have no issues getting in that position due to your level of mobility.

Goal 3: Thank you for not posting your graphic GI data. (I know, I know, you trace it, which just makes it weirder).

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