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Just closing out this post quickly to say thanks for following!  New challenge is up (link in my signature).  :)


 WRONG!!! You need to level up.  First, you stuck with the 6WC.  Even though it had some really crazy curve balls thrown in and You got an F on one challenge, you reported at the end.

Second, you did succeed in one of your challenges, and third, you are preparing for the next 6WC by developing your goals and gameplan.  You learned, therefore you level.  Don't sell yourself short.


I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next 6WC.


Thanks for following along... After seeing what everyone else here says, I'll go ahead and take the level.  Thanks for sticking up for me!  :)


Don't let the stats get you down.  I think you've learned a lot through this challenge and if anything you have more knowledge to help you succeed in the future with your diet.  And keeping up with the vitamins in awesome.  I think you've done well this time around so don't let those numbers disappoint.  Any improvement is better than when you started right??


Lets keep it strong to the next challenge! :onthego:


Yeah... I just wish I'd done better about sticking with exercise. Gotta get back on that.  :)


Could it be viewing exercise as something that you have to get prepared for and do rather than just coming at it naturally?  I you put on gym shorts and walk for 20 minutes is that any different than taking a 20 minute walk at lunch?  I tend to think that a lot of people (myself included) think of exercise as this thing that we have to do instead of treating it as part of daily life.  I am always tired when I get home from work but I find a nice walk after dinner always puts things in perspective.


Having a goal with your partner is important, but you could look for outside motivation.  Where I live we have a TON of women's only running, triathlon, biking and hiking groups that give the support system needed.  Exercising can be difficult enough but if you commit to a group or other people it is really hard to turn skip out.  Shoot, that's how I feel about the people on the forum.  


Lastly, GOOD JOB!  Seriously, some success is better than not even trying.  I can't wait to see what you have in store for us for the next challenge!


Hmm... That is a very interesting perspective.  And I really do need to find a new workout buddy that I can meet up with.  I've definitely missed having that accountability.  :)


Girl, level this bitch up! You might not have done as well as you wanted, but you completed the challenge and you learned some stuffs! That is the goal. Not all of our challenges are going to be perfect. I had a crappy one this time around, too. We finished and that's what counts. Get your level on, and see you next challenge! :D


:)  Thanks for the pep talk.  Can you tell I was a bit down at the end of the challenge?  :)


I agree with what's said. You put in the time, stayed active here, and made good progress. That's a level up! You did really well this challenge despite what you may think. And you helped others along the way :) Can't wait for next challenge. Let's stick together and crush this holiday season!


Thanks BT!  You guys keep me coming back for more. :)

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