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Paleo "stomach flu"


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So I've been paleo for 11 days now and I must say I was not expecting to feel this rotten.  The mental fuzziness is one thing but the want-to-throw-up-and-trot-to-the-bathroom for 3 days is another.  I was trying to do the first 30 days (Whole30) strictly paleo but I dont know if I can. I may do 80/20 from now on.  I couldnt look at food or coffee (gasp!) this morning and thought if I force one more bite of peach (only thing I could stomach) I was going to get sick.  Then my coworker made me eat peanut butter crackers (I know) and I feel so much better than this morning.  Anywone else have these "Stomach flu" like symptoms? 

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1. You can do it! I did it - I'm not just saying that. However, the pb crackers mean you have to start over :(

2. Yes, I've been back to paleo this week and experiencing the same thing. If you want to get through it without quitting, you can either stick it out (what whole30 would likely recommend) or find all of the almost-carb things you can until this feeling passes (sweet potato chips, unsweetened banana chips). I find that if I just eat chicken, even if I don't enjoy the meal, the feeling eventually passes.

3. The other good news is that even while you did fall off the bandwagon, that little amount of carbs isn't going to get your body out of carb-flu mode in the long term. If you stick with it now, it will just keep going (rather than eating lots of grains, feeling totally "normal", than having to do this all over again).

4. No one "made" you eat the pb crackers. This was the most powerful part of whole30 for me. Even though I don't always eat paleo now, I have avoided so many bad food choices just because I'm more in control of what I put in my body.


My advice would be to stick it out through the weekend "regular" paleo, then embark on a new whole30 on Monday to line up with the next nerdfitness challenge!

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This is probably from cutting your carb intake. A lot of people experience flu like symptoms when they do this.  This can last for a couple of weeks, but trust me, it's worth it after this period is over.  What helps is making sure you are getting plenty of fat in your diet and lots and lots of water.


As I began to love myself, I freed myself of anything that was no good for my health-food, people, things, situations, and everything that drew me down and away from myself.At first I called this attitude a healthy egoism.Today I know it is "love of oneself."-Charlie Chaplin

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