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Paleo dinner

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So I have been pretty strictly paleo for almost two weeks.  I had a couple beers during a birthday party last weekend but have not wavered in the food department.  Thankfully I didn't go through the carb flu that is talked about and have overall been feeling great, I even managed to drop 5 pounds so far.  Upon my research over the internet I came across recipe for paleo chicken nuggets, which is basically just ground chicken with egg and spices, and zucchini fries.  Some recipes say to use almond flour and some omit it, I imagine it's for the breading effect.  Question is, has anyone had any experience frying in coconut oil?  I wanted to use it for the zucchini chips but have never used it to fry anything.  Also, would you go with or without the almond flour for the nuggets.  I am in the mood for an "indulgent" night but I don't want to wreck the work I've been doing.


Side note - I was having a major sugar moment last week and decided to slice up a banana and saute it in coconut oil and finished it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Divine!  The natural sugars in the banana gave it a fantastic crunch.  Perfect replacement for processed snacks.  Throw them in the freezer for a few minutes and you've got yourself a few slices of heaven.

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