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Spidey1978 - With great eating comes great weight-loss

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Brand new rebel here with my first post.


My name is Joe and I am from the UK. My nerd credentials first: I love comics. Right that is out of the way. Phew.  :pride:


Now on to fitness credentials. I have been in and out of the fitness world my whole life. Played football (Soccer) a lot (and I mean a lot) up until I was about 20 then at university I found beer and laziness and one thing led to another and I am in the state of unfitness I am today. During that time there have been sojourns into running - a year or so of training for 5ks and a half marathon, got back in to football (soccer) for a couple of years and most recently about 18 months ago - I started on some strength training (Rippetoe's starting strengh to be precise (man I love brackets(parenthesis))). 


Right, I'm getting bored of my biography so I'll call it a day on that one, except to say I am currently the heaviest I have ever been (dead on 200lbs) and I estimate my body fat % to be a little over 25%. Which brings me on to the first part of my challenge.


Main Quest


For me this is a no-brainer to reduce my weight and body fat % (ultimately getting down to 10-15% bf% and whatever my healthy weight will be at that time. This will obviously take time but I hope by posting here I will have the staying power to eventually reach this goal.


So that is my main overall goal, what will I do during this challenge to start on my way to achieving it I hear you cry.


Well, actually I've already started. This week I have dived into a Primal/Paleo diet (full paleo straight off, hope I won't regret it) and have started following the crossfit endurance 6 week plan. http://crossfitverobeach.typepad.com/files/competitor_06_2011_cfe1.pdf


So with a running start my 3 missions to start me on my way are:


Mission 1


Eat at least 80 % Paleo for the next six weeks - I have gone straight in full (95%) Paleo but not sure I will sustain this rate but I am giving it a go.


Mission 2


Continue to follow the crossfit endurance fitness plan and at the end (week 6 of challenge) join the local crossfit box - Will try not to miss a workout during these 6 weeks which will be a challenge as I am going on holiday in 2 weeks time, this will also make Paleo diet a challenge too. eek


Mission 3


Get 8 hours of sleep each night - This one will also be tricky because not only do I have 2 young children who enjoy waking up very early but I also like to play online poker and find myself up way too late most of the time. So challenge is to get to bed at a sensible time so the lovely kids can wake me up at silly o'clock.


I realise this post is getting quite long already, so I will now rush to my life goal.


Life Quest


Start writing my screenplay - for a long time I have had a desire to be a writer/filmmaker - this 6 weeks is the time to start.


Anyway, there it is. My initial foray into a 6 week challenge. Have I bitten off more than I can chew. Who knows? I hope some of you will follow me along as I see what I can achieve over this 6 week period.


Enough for now. Will pose more another time to give a bit more details about myself.


Sorry for the length of this post but I didn't have the time to write a short one.




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Hey Joe,


Grats on making the jump. I don't think you'll regret paleo. As I always say, I feel so much better after 30 days of paleo than any piece of pie or hamburger has ever made me feel. The laziness is gone (except when I, too, stay up too late) and the weight is melting off. I'm confident you will see your results if you choose to stick with it. Health is 80% diet and  you can't outrun a bad diet. I can't wait to hear updates on this and especially how the screenplay is going!



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Well done on jumping right in! That is quite a challenge you set yourself and I am sure you will see results. Why, because you understand already that great eating is the secret to success for your quest!


I too have 2 young kids who take turns waking me up a couple of times a night and then waking me up at silly o'clock, so I know just how it feels.


How are you doing so far?

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