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Risen Phoenix’s Spartan Beginning


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Thanks, guys.  That run was definitely a bit of a killer.







26 minutes?!? Thats an awesome pace! How tall are you??


And quoting Bilbo...This is why we are besties. :D


I'm just about 6 foot.  Actually, I'm apparently 5' 11.75".  So Six feet.  And yes, Bilbo was awesome.  My LOTR/hobbit references may be directly correlated to me reading LOTR at the moment.


Three miles in the eight-minute range, no less. That's a very respectable time to run that distance in.


Have you considered using Run Keeper for plotting out routes? It basically gives you maps you can use to plot out the running routes you want to do. I found it useful when turning left all the time got old.


Yea, I'm still amazed that I can run at that rate.  I was always gunning for a 10-minute mile when I would run at the gym, and it always seemed light years away.  So after those early runs.... I was flabbergasted, to say the least.  As for Run Keeper.... haven't used that.  I should look into it.  Right now my only thoughts for running have me in the neighborhood.  Kind of still in that "Oh god, please don't look at me while I run" feeling, but I'm getting better.


So, the last week round up:


1) Spartan Training: 3/3.  The scaled down advanced BW circuit from NF three times this week.  Definitely think I need to add a cycle to it.  But it definitely is changing my thoughts as to what I am capable of now.  I tried this circuit a few months ago and could barely make it through once, so that is an epic validation in my mind.

2) Run to Guard the Pass: Two runs last week, for a total of 5.4 miles.  Which I find funny, since 6 miles was my initial goal if I was running in a gym.  Cool how that worked out.

3) Dine in Hell: 7/7 days meeting calorie goals.  granted, Saturday wasn't exactly the cleanest day.  Had people over to get out of an unemployment funk.  Fun time, lots of burgers, beers, and BSing.  Not the healthiest, but I definitely ate my fill.  Though I regret nothing of my avocado-topped burger on a potato roll.


Life Goals:  More pictures taken, though not yet thrown onto my computer and placed into my powerpoint to compare.  From the past few weeks, it looks like nothing big happened, though I did throw a photo of me from back in the earlier part of the year.  BIIIIIIIG difference there.  Definitely needed that bit of motivation to make me feel better about myself.  As for measurements, I'm wavering between 201-202 pounds (sometimes bumping up to 204-205 when I, er, indulge), but my gut seems to have shrunk to 37-1/8"~37.25".  Which I really should take as a big win, since I've been eating more AND my gut shrank more than last challenge.


Did I mention.... NAILED this week.  Hardcore.


So how did the whole challenge go?

1) Spartan Training: Perform three workouts a week. Grade out of percentage of 16 total. +3 STR, +2 STA

11/16 workouts. = 68%.  Sympathy C.... +2.25 Str, +1.5 Sta


Uh.  Whoops.  So apparently that unemployment news hit me harder than I anticipated.  Totally threw a curveball into my workout schedule/motivation for a few weeks.  Thankfully I'm back on track, and feeling better than ever.  NINE weeks until the Sprint, and that means only one more challenge to work on things with the Monkery behind me.  Time to get down to business, yes?


2) Run to Guard the Pass: Run a mile and a half each week in public, or 6 miles if in a gym-environment.  Pass/Fail. +2 DEX, +2 STA

I ran SO much.  So SO much.  Made it pretty much twice a week, and I can say that over the span of 6 weeks I ran a total of 18.5 miles.  Holy crap that's a lot of road I burned.  And I will TAKE IT.  (Okay, I'm giving myself a pass for the whole "lost my job and curled up in the fetal position with a dog" for a few days.  But I think I still got the spirit of the goal down.)


PASS - +2 Dex, +2 Sta


3) Dine in Hell: Eat 2200 NET calories every day and record ever day.  Grade on a Percentage of 42 days.  +2 CON, +2 STA


40/40 days = 100%.


PASS - +2 Con, +2Sta


4)Life Quest: Test for 4th kyu ranking and take progress photos and metric measurements.


Definitely passed both of these things.  I never added stats for these.... Ah well.  Maybe give myself +1 Cha?


So it's been a bit of a rollercoaster the last few weeks, but I think things are finally lining up in my life, lemons to lemonade and all that.  Guess I have a few thoughts for the next challenge to tackle.


Thank you everyone for being so supportive!  You guys are seriously the best, and I know I really suck at giving back the encouragement you guys throw out there that doesn't sound simply like platitudes.  Seriously, you all rock. :)

RisenPhoenix, the Entish Aikidoka

Challenge: RisenPhoenix Turns to Ash


"The essence of koryu [...is] you offer your loyalty to something that you choose to regard as greater than yourself so that you will, someday, be able to offer service to something that truly is transcendent." ~ Ellis Amdur, Old School

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You had a LOT of goals, and you smashed them all! And you definitely finished strong! Especially considering the unemployment curve ball. Been there, done that: BRUETAL.  :) Kudos to you, Sir!


Congrats on your running. Oh, and BTW, I hate you forever for eating so much and loosing gut. Jerk.





I'd better see you next challenge, bestie!

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Unemployment does that, though. I mean, the jobs that we have, they tend to be a big source of our identities. We put so much of ourselves into them. It's crazy. Myself, I liked to think of them as opportunities to train without interruption, but I never had a good job that I loved like you did yours.


But if you mean to rock this sprint, then you're gonna need to really dig in and focus on your training. It's not too late. You have time, and you can get a lot done with the plan that you have in motion as it is.


You did good this challenge. You got sideswiped by unemployment, but that's not on you. You don't get to eat as awesome as you wanted to now either, but you still can train. That training can be a cornerstone of your health, and you can still work with it. It's a lot better than nothing, right?

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