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Never an iron on earth could hold the WildColonialGrrl: Chapter 3

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Cheers Blaidd!

I've never had a comment from a Guildleader on my threads before... Feel like the gods have spoken!! ...to little 'ol me?!?!

In my summary thread I did say I was off to update my sig, put on my metal helmet and join the scouts for the next one. None of that has occurred yet... But as I started out here aiming for Bush Ranger status, I reckon a real ranger would take whatever knowledge and support they needed from any guild to reach their goals!

I suspect there are many more long rides in my near future so off to the scouts I go!

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You did awesome this challenge!!!

 Clothes falling off, new bike, 100kg deadlift! Wow! And it sounds like you're getting the food thing nailed down. Way to go!


Thanks Jo! Feels like it's really happening and as it should.

Excellent job.  Doesn't it feel good to FINALLY change the sig?


I WILL get around to it... Before I write my next challenge at least!

I have... It sounds like a nice idea but it doesn't really do anything for me and I really struggle with the fact that every organised exercise related event has a charity attached. If my ride fee supports the charity, great. If I am expected to pass the hat every time, well, there is now just too much of that happening. If I did something really epic like ALL of the round the bay, I might publicise it and ask for donations... Because I think the work of the Smith Family is great. Its a tough one...
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HI there, WCG!

Whoa! Congratulations for such an awesome level up!

I'd bet by red witch hat that you became an inspiration and an example to everyone who has seen you in this challenge. You are simply amazing! And I'll surely keep following your progress once you're a ranger because you inspire me a lot.

On your tests with gluten, I highly recommend you to seriously keep trying the gluten-free diet. I, as an example, had never realized that gluten caused me any problems, until my mom found out she was gluten intolerant and I decided to go gluten-free to support her. Can't even say how much better I feel :D

On everything else, congratulations :D

Thank you for being so awesome in this challenge and good luck in the next one!


A huge bear hug to you!

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