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two thirds done! how's it going?


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I've biked 137.69 miles out of my 200 mile goal.

I've continued my tabata strength training program with a combination of bodyweight and resistance band work.

For my non-fitness goal of upgrading my jeep, I've installed a locking under-seat storage box, a trailer hitch, and upgraded my headlights and foglights to silverstars.

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Oy. I wasn't as good at the "keep up a good workout routine while traveling" as I wanted to be. But I did make decent use of the hotel pool to get better at swimming! Then last week, did a combination of cardio and bodyweight stuff. FINALLY back to Crossfit today and feeling SO GREAT! Somehow I didn't really lose anything off of my 105# split jerk PR, so that's nice (or says that my limit is technique rather than strength, as that doesn't atrophy quite as fast as muscle).

Ate nearly paleo today, which is beyond my stated goal. Feeling really excited to work out and eat right now that I'm back home and getting back to my routines.

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Pretty good week, I think. I had a "cheat weekend" when it came to my carbs goal (everything was paleo but I wasn't counting macros), but I still managed to keep them under 80 grams when I calculated at the end. It's huge for me that my cheat amount of carbs is now what my goal was going into this challenge. I think all my food was paleo - I did eat out at a restaurant Saturday night, but I had a salad and mussels that were cooked in tomatoes and coconut cream (yeah. It was awesome. Definitely going back there), so I'm pretty sure that was paleo also.

In terms of fitness, I've been exceeding my Crossfit goals, I PRed in squats by 15 pounds (went from a PR of 130 and failure at 135 to a PR of 145 and failure at 150 in a week), I ran a five-mile race, and last night I did a pull-up WOD RX for the first time. Haven't been good about my MWODs, which is stupid because I always feel awesome when I do them.

Life: I've been reading on my Kindle every day. I haven't done any cleaning, so I still have one and a half garbage bags to get rid of before the end of the challenge. I've been struggling getting enough sleep because I've been stressing about getting my LSAT score, but I got my score yesterday and I'm hoping sleep will improve correspondingly. I've been doing well with not spending money frivolously and sticking to my budget.

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how're you doing?

Not as good as I want to be, but I'm hanging in there. I think, considering how I've turned my life upside down and with this much stress would normally curl up into a ball, not leave the bed unless I was getting more crap to eat.... but I haven't done that. I've done my workouts. I've not been emotionally eating. I gotta say, I'm pretty damn proud of my progress.

what do you need to do in the next 2 weeks to make sure this challenge is a success?

Just keep swimming... lol! Just keep doing what I need to be doing, every day. :)

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This was a weak 2 weeks. The first week I was re-cooperating from overtraining, and as I started getting back into things I had the fiasco with my sister which then turned into about 5 days of returning from chaos and trying to get back into things again.


Goal: Bread 1-2 times per week only

- Meh. During the week doing way better on this, weekends I still end up with a tortilla here, sandwich there.

Goal: Stick to macronutrients weekdays, slack on weekends

- Week 3 I mostly calculated and did alright. Week 4 not so much. Back on track this week.


Goal: Lose 12lbs of fat OR 3-4 inches around abs

- As of last measurement I am down 4lbs total and 1 full inch down around the abs. This is 2lbs and .5 inches down since the last checkin.

Goal: Run 5 miles straight

- Running hasn't been happening. Who knows what I'm (not) capable of at this point.

Goal: Complete a full pushup

- Due to craziness I haven't been able to focus on this like I wanted. No idea what my progress is in the last 2 weeks.

Goal: Stick to my fitness schedule, no excuses!

- I didn't stick to my assigned fitness schedule although I have been getting out and moving and training quite a decent bit, including my weekly hike and 2 training sessions per week with the trainer.

Level Up Your Life

Goal: Pay extra $1,000 towards auto loan

- This will get done as soon as I get paid at the end of this week.

Goal: Do 1 freelance job at a higher rate than ever before

- Freelance work I have been excelling at. I am getting up to focus on this for at least an hour before my actual job almost every workday morning. Waiting to hear back from a client I've quoted and I just pitched another client.


...recap for accomplishing these things: I need to really tighten things up and FOCUS. I've managed to still lose fat and gain some muscle even with a crazy last 2 weeks that were more inconsistent, so if I really buckle down now that life is back to normal I should be able to see some marked improvement. I doubt I will actually meet my aggressive fat loss goal but I should be able to get close.

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This is pretty much copypasted from my 3 week challenge thread [yay joining up halfway through.]

Diet And Or Fitness

- Log everything I eat, every day.

I've missed this by a matter of hours at times, mostly from the android app for MyFitnessPal hardlocking my phone or otherwise refusing to work. That said, all items have been logged, whether on time or not.

- Hold a freakin' plank for 20 seconds, goddamn.

Made a 4 second gain over my first attempt [10 seconds] on the second round. two more tries to make this happen.

- Miss no workouts. No excuses.

Have missed no workouts insofar, no excuses forthcoming.

Life, The Universe, Everything

- Read one book each week.

Currently 2/3 through Starship Troopers by Robert A Heinlein. Will be finished by the end of the day.

- Get to a second date.

I put this as the goal because I already had the first one set up when I made the challenge, and using that would be tantamount to cheating.

That said, second date is on Saturday. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Well, I've been good at the relaxing bit of my goals. Definitely leading a low-key stress free lifestyle.

Diet is so~so. I'm gluten free, but am mostly cyclic in the carbs (sweet potato and white rice) instead of being totally low-carb. Oh well.

Exercise. What is that again? I need to get back on the bandwagon, stat! Otherwise my warrior dash will be me on the sidelines, dead.

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Feeling pretty good about things. You know, within reason.


Paleo-strong, except for the planned cheats at the festival. Feeling good.


Hanging tough with the Body Weight Brigade workouts 3 times per week. Moving toward push-up and one-arm row goals, but maybe not quickly enough to meet them by the end of the challenge. Steady forward progress, though. Feeling good.

Have planned to walk the 10K in July. I'm just, like, so not a runner.


- Steady forward progress on the song list.

- Have been getting in some kind of vocal exercises every day, which is good. The neighbors have just started having an addition built on their house, so now I have the added excitement of singing to the construction workers. Oy. Because of my self-consciousness, I mostly do the vocalizing in the car to-and-from the grocery store. Good thing I'm a big eater.

- Not so much on the guitar/bass practicing. Instead of doing 15 mins 3 x week, it's more like an hour and half once a week. At least its happening.

- Did a couple of pretty decent 180 turnbacks on the fence yesterday, chasing a real cow on a real cow horse. I need to be able to do this in the big arena, but I am definitely more comfortable with the speed. Not quite there, but am starting to feel like this will happen in the next couple of weeks.

I feel like overall I am on track, with the exception of regular walking and regular picking. The paleo-eating is coming very naturally, and probably won't have to be a separate goal next time around, as it is sort of just how I eat now. So that's nice.

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My 4/week workouts are going really well (not counting the business trip fiasco of 2011 where I ate and drank and lounged to excess). I'd give myself a B here (a solid A+ if not for the bus. trip). Haven't been sticking to my fast window every day, but have been really good about eating all 7 days of the week, keeping things pretty much primal, and the carbs low. Completely cut out the sugar substitutes, which is awesome and a huge deal for me. I'm at 3 pull-ups with only one more to go to check this one off the list. I've made a couple of attempts to get on the motorcycle for some practice, but the bike itself hasn't been cooperating. It's currently in the shop so I'll have next week to hopefully get on it for a ride. We'll see.

In conclusion, some stuff is awesome and some stuff not so much. Sort of averages out to a meh. I feel great, though, and I think I'm gonna make my 140 lb. goal (which will be celebrated with new shorts that fit!).

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Overall, I am feeling much more balanced mentally and physically than I was at the beginning of the challenge. That being said, meeting my specific goals is still a work in progress.

Fitness goals:

1. At least 2 WODs per week -so far only 2 out of the 1st 4 weeks

2. At least 1 additional workout of my choice per week- see above

3. Do at least 5 fr pushups & 1 unassisted pull up- TBD

4. Fit back into my skinny jeans- TBD

Diet goals:

1. Eat gluten free at least 5 out of 7 days- not even close although I have seriously reduced my gluten intake to a few servings a week

2. No candy for full 6 weeks- so far 0 candy!!!!!

Life goals:

1. Get a job- second interview last week for a part-time position beginning in the fall, 1st interview for a part-time job (with benefits!!) tomorrow

2. Settle debts- still have 2 weeks

3. Adopt a puppy- filled out more applications on petfinder...still not getting any response :( (I will spare you all my rant about petfinder)

4. Visit grandpa- trip scheduled for July

5. Try to enjoy being unemployed during the summer- Success!!! which explains why some of the other goals have been less than successful

Other info:


Sugar addict

Unemployed do-gooder

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Very well but I don't feel like I am loosing weight and am wondering if I am missing something from my diet.


Slacking a bit. Usually working out 5 days of the week (want to do 6). Cycling to the train station is a bit wether dependent and being summer here thought it would be easy but thunderstorms have been a problem. I can almost do 1 pullup so I am happy with this.


Not so good. I have to do some tidying up to sort stuff out to get rid of things and that for me is difficult. No progress on the car as I am trying to save as much money as I can for it. Still struggling with starting a side business. So much I don't understand.

So in short Exercise habbit is the easist thing to get into but not sure if I am making progress. Stuff with emotions attached is hard.

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Whole 30 challenge: tomorrow is my last day. Apart from one very small bite of wedding cake (so I could tell the bride and groom what I thought of their cake) it's been 100%

Lifting goals already met. Need to be more of a hardass on myself next time.

Certification still needs work. I'm about halfway done with the book. bah!

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I started late but for the last 7 days I have been doing well. I have been in the gym almost everyday busting out at least 65 minutes and also busting a gnarly sweat.


I've lost 11 pounds down to 209 from 220

I have had no monsters

No alchohol

Up to two miles so far on the run but I haven't really pushed myself to the max (always saving for weights) I'm sure I can hit this tomorrow

with the exception of protein shakes nothing but water


Still going paleo no hiccups- But damn am I craving a sandwich


Monthly bonus isn't looking promising but I have the rest of this week to make it up

Smashed my 60k goal I am at 80k this month

Goals Overview

Lose 20 pounds

no monsters

no alchohol

Jog 5 miles nonstop

drink water exclusivly


Attempting paleo doing well so far

Level up

Hit monthly bonus at work second month in a row

Hit sales mark of 60k for the month

Additional info

Ive been working on these goals for the past 2 weeks. I came across this site via stumble yesterday and decided to join.

Just working to be the better me I know I can.

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