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No time like the present...

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To start my journey. I'm a 36 year old Dad, Husband, Systems Engineer, and wannabe athlete. I was fairly athletic in HS, playing Football and Running Track. College came calling and I discovered Beer and many other unhealthy habits. After roller coastering between 200-270 lbs., currently 227 lbs., its time to make a life change. I purchased the Fitness guide yesterday and started on my journey immediately.

My biggest vices are soda, beer, and simple carbs. It's going to be tough but I will succeed and teach my children that there is a better way to live.

My goals are to get to 175lbs., run an 8 minute mile, complete a Sprint Distance Triathlon, and maybe an Ironman.

Looking forward to meeting my goals and many of you on this board.

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My plan is to rid myself of the Soda, Snacks, and limit the alcohol intake. I do drink a lot of water and try to eat a piece of gum when tempted to eat. I do know that I am an emotional eater. Any sort of stress takes me to the kitchen.

Have you looked into a Paleo Diet or a Primal Lifestyle? You wouldn't have to eat gum when you felt hungry, because you would only feel hungry when you actually were hungry.

Time to climb.

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