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Side Quest! (Mini Challenge) - Week 6 posted - A scout Ballad


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Hi everyone,


Alas it's the final week already - just one week left to work on those goals you set!  If you've dropped a bit behind, don't worry - learn from the experience and start to plan for the next six week challenge - remember - you haven't failed until you quit trying!


The final part of the ballad (that's right, you only need to listen to me for another 2:43!) is:


And the spreadsheet is still here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ag8FlQSXp907dEg3MUNCa25VQnVJX1NVVzZ0VlZuNVE#gid=5


The goals this week are:


1 Warming up and stretching:
Let’s nail those fiddly, final little details – like warming up before you exercise and stretching afterward.  Note down something in this area you are weak on and a plan to tackle it – then let us know how you go!

2 Pass on the knowledge:
Time to handover and pass on what we’ve done and learnt – contribute to the library by writing down something you’ve learnt (it could be a tweet, or an entire book!), or directly teach someone something this week (Remember, not everyone is as clever as you - be patient if showing someone something!)

3 See how far you've come:
Look back how you’ve come along during this six weeks – how far have you got towards your overall goal? - Don't dispair if it's not far - use this to plan your next six week challenge! As a bonus, re-take those photos from the first week and compare the difference!

I hope you've enjoyed the challenges this six weeks, and I hope you did well at your own challenges!


Thank you all for letting me have a small (and badly sung) part in helping you on your journey, it's been an honour and a pleasure!  And fear not - there will be someone else to accompany you on the next six week challenge! :)


- Quentin, the bard (despite my lack of musical ability, I may just take that anyway as my new moniker so I can finally obey the rules and use a forum alias rather than my actual name! :)

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"klaymates tassels are fun"


My brain totally went here (possibly NSFW):




I wish I could say I have focused on some of my challenge goals the way I have participated in the mini-challenges, but I learned some really important things about those goals over the past few weeks (more to come) and the challenges actually kept me going!  Instead of dropping off the face of the NF planet.  Thanks so much to everyone for all the great threads to read, support, laughs, songs, and guidance.  

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