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Otter's The Incredibles Challenge

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Quick update

Push ups are not where I was hoping they would be, but I'm going strong and they are getting better.  I have been really focusing on my form because really if I'm getting lower to the ground, but my form sucks, I'm not really gaing anything.


Yoga- had been very good.  I'm really enjoying it and going home to do my 2nd session making up my 40min for this week.


IF - killed it a couple times this week ....  made zucchini bread *hangs head* I know I shouldn't have, too tempting.  But anyways it was 2 days and I'm back on track now and starting to not feel so hungry all the time.


Bible reading - same old same old, definitely back into the routine which is exactly what I wanted.

Things are looking pretty good Otter. You are killin it. Yea, Baby!

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Is there really only a week left?  I feel like I just set my goals...


This week I've slacked a bit.  Only worked on my pushups once so far and done no yoga.  I started back at crossfit and will be going to class tonight hopefull that will give me more pushup work.  Still trying to figure out how to fit in the yoga.


Intermittant fasting.  Dropped a couple of days again this week.  This was definitely not one of my better ideas, but it was worth the try.


Bible reading - I skipped last night cause I was out with a friend I haven't seen in a while.  It was totally worth it.  Not something I plan to do all the time, but it was worth it.

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I love the way you are able to get back to doing things. I'm striving for your kind of dedication and focused will power. You inspire me, thank you!

Sent via my phone b/c my laptop is out of reach. Cheers!

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Finally getting around to wrapping this up


My Main Quest is to do real pushups


To do this I am basing my challenges on The Incredibles!


Mr. Incredible = STRENGTH


I will practice my pushups 3xweek.  I am working on incline pushups, moving myself closer to the ground every two weeks. (currently doing pushups on my blanket box, after 2 weeks moving to the stairs, then down a stair every two weeks) Might change this to every 3 weeks.. Depends on how well I do and my form.

This is to be done separately from my workout of the day, unless there are more than 50 pushups or burpees in the workout.

Taking 3 strength points out of 5 - bailed on it the last week totally and didn't get to where I wanted to be.


Mrs. Incredile (Elastigirl) = yoga

I will do 40min of yoga each week.  This can be instead of a workout or as well as a workout and can be down in in one session or broken down.

(Not sure exactly how this will help my push up main quest, but already had it planned and didn't want to change it- it definitely won't hurt my pushups and it does work all your muscles that are used for pushups)

Finished this.  Did it every week for 3dex and 2 sta - really enjoyed this challenge


Violet = become invisible??

intermittant fasting

I have wanted to try this for a while, and seeing as my diet change from the last challenge failed. I wanted to see if this would work for me.

No eating before 12 - Making an exception for the first 2 weeks - can eat between 11 - 12 if needed. The only exception will be Sundays - we go for breakfast after church which usually ends up being around 12, except in September church goes back to 9:15 so breakfast will be a little earlier.  I'm on vacation the week of Aug 5 - this may or may not apply to that week. :rapture:

I am also joining the Sugar Slayers Accountabilibuddies group.

Finished this for the most part. I didn't fail it, but did bail on it a couple of times.  Didn't like it much but will try to continue as I like the 1 less meal/day - taking 2con or 3


My Side Quest

Dash = run the race with perserverance

I have a goal to read the Bible by November 2013, but have been slacking.

I will read before bed Sunday - Thursday.  Extra is allowed. But the goal is based on Sunday to Thursday.

This I finished and loved - and have continued 1wis/1cha



My motivation when starting all this was to be strong.  I want to be able to do and fix things around my house without thinking about it and without being sore after.

(I have no means of taking a pic and posting so writing it down will have to do)

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