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Challenge #2 - Ben-Ro vs. the Floating Eye of Death


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Hello fellow Adventurers,


I learned a lot on my first challenge and can set my goals accordingly this time around.  I think when I started I was a little bit too aggressive in my goal setting, expecting myself to perform perfectly.  This isn't realistic and caused me to 'fail' a couple of my goals, even though I had lost over 10 lbs.  This challenge's goals will be set accordingly:


Goal #1:


Fitness (+3 STR, +2 STA)

Finish three complete Beginner Body Weight workouts every week over the next 6 weeks increasing repetitions/weight by at least 25%.


A - 6 weeks

B - 5 weeks

C - 4 weeks

D - 3 weeks

F - 2 weeks or less



Goal #2:


Career (+3 WIS)

Find a new job within 6 weeks.


Pass or Fail



Goal #3:


Diet (+5 CON)

Follow a Paleo and/or Slow Carb diet for 90% of my meals.


A - 90%-100%

B - 80%-89%

C - 70%-79%

D - 60%69%

F - 59% or Less



Goal #4:


Diet (+1 WIS, +1 CON)

Eat 30g of protein within 30 mins of waking up every day.


A - 38-42 Days

B - 33-37 Days

C - 28-32 Days

D - 23-27 Days

F - 22 Days or less


Wish me luck!

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Great goals Ben! You did great last challenge even with the "failing, you got this. Failing a little is all part of it, that's how you figure out exactly where your strengths and faults are when it comes to this stuff.


Following you man, good luck!

Silas Randwulf

Level 2 Ogre Adventurer

STR: 6.75 DEX: 2.75 STA: 6 CON: 6 WIS: 4 CHA: 1.5

First Challenge

"The coward believes he will live forever if he holds back in battle, but in old age he shall have no peace though spears have spared his limbs." - Havamal

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