OH MY GOD! It's been forever and I'm excited to start getting back to business.  Family showed up during the off-week and there was just garbage food after garbage food and more garbage food. My 'never eat again' list has expanded quite a bit.  It was a bad experience overall.  I've been detoxing so this week will still be a little rough but I am back and ready to do this!  I haven't given much thought about goals/challenges since the last one ended but I'll edit this post as I think of stuff.  I'll have it ironed out in a day or two.   Main Quest: To lose 100 pounds.   Goal 1: Food!  Like I said, detoxing now and this is a really hard part.  I really need friends and accountabilibuddys (spelling?) at the start of this.  I've reduced my non-paleo meals to twice a week now.  Bagels are officially on my 'never eat again' list so that means there's no point in having a cheat breakfast.   It's roughly 1 point a week.   There's some leeway the next few days but by the end of the week if I'm screwing up I start losing points.   +5 Constitution   Goal 2: Warhammer!  My sledgehammer(Jackson) has been a dear, dear, workout buddy but it's time to retire him.... FOR A WARHAMMER.  The old sledgehammer was 10 pounds and I was able to work out with it for 20 minutes without breaking much of a sweat.  So easy that I was getting bored- and that's a bad sign.  So I'm ordering and will hopefully get by the end of the week- a 20 pound sledgehammer.  My tentative workout is as follows:   10+ Minutes of Warhammer training 7+ Tire-ups 30+ Reverse Crunches 30+ Incline Crunches (getting too easy, hope to increase difficulty soon) 5+ Random experiment - either 1 leg deadlifts, or trying new sledgehammer exercises, or doing some tractor-tire flips.  Each time I'll try something out and see what sticks.  If nothing strikes me, then I'll get into full-body weight squats.   +5 Strength.   Goal 3: Unity!  I couldn't think of a better word.  I would like to focus on stress relief with some sort of meditation.  I'm horrible at it.  In fact, I think I have really bad ADD but was never diagnosed.  I also feel after a stretching mini-challenge that I really should do some sort of stretch-related goal.  I know they're technically 2 things, but I'm going to try to do them both as a package deal- like a yoga-ish thing.  breath deep, clear my mind, and try and get some stretching done for my legs, knees, and back.   Once a week, but I'll gun for twice a week.   +3 Wisdom   Goal 4: Hardware/Guitar!  The desk and end table was a great success.  I either want to improve the desk (sawing, sanding, priming, painting, fitting a side board to the desk and then having pins in the legs to hold actual shelves- which can then be used to hold my game consoles and other knick-knacks.)  -OR- Guitar.  I've put it off a lot because I'm really insecure.  my g/f thinks that I'm dexterous enough that I should be able to do pretty well if I just stick with it.  idk.   +2 Whichever   With that all done; hello and welcome back!