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Warhammer + Friends: Round 3 TerosX


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.  I have also thought about trying to aquire a construction hard hat... and spray painting is black and putting on ram horns so I can go beastmode pretending I'm killing demons...



ok, so food has been teetering and ALMOST sliding into my old bad food habits, so I need some help.  I NEED to be accountable and post a menu here every week so I can actually stick with it.  I took inventory of everything in the freezer and this is my plan for the



Tonight- disaster- salmon GAG.


ha, when I was on the Herbal life diet (I did it for a friend who was starting out in the company and ended up losing muscle not fat 'cuz I was literally starving-the lady figured out my caloric needs incorrectly) Anyway, I had tried to make baked salmon and the smell was so horrific I just went without eating that night. Went to Bath and Body works the next day, told the lady my story and she helped me find a candle to kill that smell. Eucalyptus Spearmint has ever since been my "Stink candle" that I use when something went bad. It has never failed me. =) and as for Salmon I will only eat it raw, wrapped in rice and seaweed.


As far as pain in your elbows and knees with planks, try padding like previously mentioned a yoga mat or (and I know not everyone has access to these but I'm sure you can make them) elbow pads. They are basically pieces of an eggcrate mattress, with Velcro straps on them to wrap around patients elbows in bed. I took mine home after my surgery and used them to pad my knee whenever I had to kneel.


You're doing awesome! Keep it up!

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Hey sorry, usually I post more often but the past few days I've been insanely tired.  I got 3 bad nights of sleep in a row, so I've just been really out of it.  Time off tomorrow so I'll be getting a nice big container of eggs and hash for breakfast tomorrow and I'll be hitting up lowes for wood to start my desk project and then working out.  Tomorrow I'll have plenty to report- probably a picture or 2 for the desk as well.  Take care all :)

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As a fellow cook, I'd love to know what Thor Stew is. Could you share the recipe, please? :D


Why are you having trouble sleeping? Sometimes it helps me to go for a walk in the evening. If all else fails and I find myself just rolling in the bed, I just open my eyes and tell myself to stare at the wall. And nothing more. You have to just stare at the wall. Sounds insane, but in a few minutes you should start feeling sleepy. : D


You're doing great, terosx! Good luck!

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Hey sorry, usually I post more often but the past few days I've been insanely tired.  I got 3 bad nights of sleep in a row, so I've just been really out of it.  Time off tomorrow so I'll be getting a nice big container of eggs and hash for breakfast tomorrow and I'll be hitting up lowes for wood to start my desk project and then working out.  Tomorrow I'll have plenty to report- probably a picture or 2 for the desk as well.  Take care all :)

I hate it when that happens!  Hope you get it sorted out.

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Ok, so I think I'm back to normal.  I woke up super early at the beginning of the week, then hung out at a friend's house until after midnight, then woke up really early again.  It just messed me up for a couple days so I was just slacking and not really caring about doing anything.


so update time!


Last night I worked out.  I put it off most of the day so when I actually got around to it (5pmish) I was tired.  I was looking online and said, "Shut up, just do it now!" and I did:

20 x 2 Gravedigger

20 x 2 Churn Butter

20 x 2 Wood Chop

15 x 2 Killswitch

10 + 5 + 3 Tire Ups

30 Reverse Crunches

20 Incline Crunches

10 Weighted Incline Crunches


Couldn't think of a new exercise to try out and I wanted to get to Lowes so I just hurried up and took a quick shower.


I went to Lowes and I got my wood for my desk add-on project.  It's all cut as welll so today I plan on priming a coat or two, tommorrow painting a coat or two, and then the day after actually nailing it all together.  Then I need to drill some holes and use the little pegs (I think) i have.  Lastly, need to cut a piece of particle board for the shelving and that lifegoal is done.




Thor Stew was asked about. It is:

1 pound ground beef

8 sweet italian sausages

1 spaghetti squash

tomato sauce

hot sauce



Brown the beef, boil the sausages, bake the squash with a pinch of olive oil


Cut the sausages into 4-5 pieces, scrape the spaghetti squash with a fork


Throw browned beef, sausage chunks, spaghetti squash into a big pot with the tomato sauce.


Add a couple shakes a hot sauce. Cook and then let cool.


Store away in a giant tub.  Each day, grab a scoop- reheat, and put on a bed of baby spinach and maybe have a piece of fruit with it. Thor Stew.

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I just had the best salad ever.  I know that seems crazy, but I'd rather have that than cookies.  It was some ceasar dressing, raw green peppers, 2 hard boiled eggs, parmesan cheese, red cabbage, regular lettuce, a bunch of sauteed garlic, and some cold chicken pieces.  I'm super happy right now.  That was excellent.  I need to get those ingredients and have that for lunches next week. 

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A bit late to the party but wanted to check out your thread after that confused PM. :)


Love your home gym. It looks seriously BADASS. Just curious, are all those exercises in the workout log above hammer exercises? I thought there was just one - whack the tire. Repeat. :P 


Good luck with the rest of the challenge, just two more weeks to go :D

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Mad Hatter, there's way more to a sledgehammer than 'hit things'.  Think about it- it's like a kettlebell but on a stick.  It improves grip strength since you're essentially using your hands as the fulcrum, making it harder to wield.  Pick up a regular 8 lb sledge at t hardware store. Nothing special right?  Now try holding just the very end up it and try lifting it in an arc.  Huge difference.


Here are the moves I do.  Keep in mind, I tweak each of these a little bit. 


For the gravedigger, I tend to go over my shoulder more, instead of a little twist like the guy does. 


For chopping wood, I lean my whole body forward and bend my leg- almost doing a bit of a lunge into the exercise.


For Killswitch, I don't use as much backward momentum to pull the hammer up.





Churn Butter:


Chop Wood:






Wood Cut

Wood Sanded

Wood Primed x 2

Wood Painted x 2

Thursday I will have some time, so that's when I plan on putting the thing together.  I hope before thursday I can take a quick trip to get some particle board.

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Worked out yesterday. Did:


20 x 2 Gravediggers

20 x 2 Butter Churn

20 x 2 Chop Wood

15 x 2 Killswitch


10 + 8 Tire Ups

30 Reverse Crunches

-and I was able to convert ALL weighted crunches-

30 Weighted Incline Crunches


I was planning on sawing the desk legs a bit right now but the saw is dead so I'm pretty bummed.  I'll fiddle with it some more.  If it doesn't work then I guess I'll have to just pick up some particleboard and nails from lowes tonight and do everything else tomorrow morning.

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Nailed the boards to the legs of the desk and I've done a coat of primer on the particleboard.  Once It's dry, I need to start coating in black paint and I need to drill holes.  then I'm done.  I also might have a tiny endtable with the scraps I didn't use. :)

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I agree with mad that everyone has run out of the initial excitement of the challenge. Last challenge I think I dropped off at week 3. I was mostly embarrassed to post all the shenanigans I was getting into. Can't believe this week is almost over :-/


Shenanigans. This is the word my husband and I use to describe any eating/activity out of the norm (well, our new norm!).

I think terosx and I at discussed making posting on NF part of a challenge at some point. I may add it to my next one, even if it's not officially. I've been tracking lots of other things and having my own sort of mini goals throughout this challenge, so that would be cool.

Tateman, good for you! I feel sort of similar... like my activity here hasn't been so great for sure, but the life part is coming along pretty awesomely. There's been a lot going on that would have normally sent me straight to whatever processed carbs I could get my hands on. Now, I'm just rolling with it! :)

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Ok, so I'm going to put some black paint on the particleboard this morning; let it dry, and drill the holes into the desk.  Then I put on the second coat and my desk is finally done. 


I finally ran out of thor stew and chicken salad. It has served me well but now it's time to make some new food.  I'm just going to post some food on here so I don't forget. I think I'll be doing mini-quiches for breakfast this week since it's been a while since I've had them.  And.....lunch?.... hmmm......BURGERS! Going to need to see how many veggies I have in the house and get some more.  Also I've been having apples and pluots the past few days and they're great so I need to buy more of them.  Next saturday I'll be heading to a local farm.  OH!  And I've finally harvest my couple of bean plants.  I'll put that pic up too :)




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