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B.A.A. Half-Marathon 10/13/11

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Is anyone signed up for the BAA Halfie in October?  In a couple weeks I'd love some buds for the long runs :-)  I'm actually near Jamaica Pond and parts of the actual route, so it'd be cool to meet up and train!

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I'm signed up!  I think. Unless you have a time machine and are running the 2011 race instead of the 2013 one.


I hear the half registration filled up in about 12 minutes this year -- did you slip in that short window, or are you doing the distance medley too?


I'm just a couple of miles out from JP (love running along the Emerald Necklace down that way).  I'd be up for a long run sometime, though I won't in the least be offended if you're looking for someone a bit faster than my tame 11-minute-miles.  This is my second half, and my aspiration is to finish before they stop timing at 2:30.


Anyone else out there running this one?

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