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Hi Fellow Rebels and first timers!

I"ve been a lurker and reader of the blog for quite awhile now; but this will be my first time participating in a six week challenge.  

This is the perfect timing for me to make a fresh start, hence the title.  I'm a 29 year old Canadian, about to start my third year of physiotherapy school in the Netherlands, with an acting degree from Vancouver Film School, and have also spent six years in a Monastery.  Coincidentally, I have just ended a 4 year relationship with my girlfriend here in The Netherlands, we decided mutually that its better for both of us if we were just friends.  Soooo I came here to look for some motivation and tah dah: six week challenge, what better time for a new beginning!  I'm looking forward to sharing this experience with everyone and hoping to succeed with you my fellow rebels and first timers!



My main quest is to get into the best possible physical condition and maintain it!  Back in the day, high school that is, i used to be fairly athletic, and enjoyed lots of sports, and my consciousness still thinks that I"m still an athlete, but the mirror and any physical exertion will tell a different story.  My body type has always been skinny and that has lulled me into thinking i'm still okay, but to be honest I"ve got a gut now, and i'm in terrible condition and officially obese, even though the rest of me is skinny, using a measurement tool at the clinic, i'm at 25% body fat!  I want to be in truth the athlete, my self image thinks I am, someone who can still run long distances, play sports with ease, try martial arts and parkour and be able to do a backflip! 


Goals and Steps

Whenever I"ve done things like this in the past, I try and do it all at once, and end up failing!  For example doing P90x and Insanity workouts twice a day, changing my diet extremely and than burning out after a week or two.  So i'll try and be less extreme and just get through these six weeks and develop some healthy habits.


Goal 1.  

Follow the zombies run 5 k training app.  Its a little bit easy for me, but I enjoy it, I can do it everyday without burning out and also the dog will be happier with me for taking him out more regularly!


Goal 2. 

Every other day I will do 30 mins of body weight workout!


Goal 3.

Only eat Dessert on sundays!


Life Quest

One of the reasons I love this website, is the nerdy references!  I'm a huge fan of fantasy novels, and video games especially RPGS!  Can't wait to pass my first challenge so I can do the real life level up!  That being said, I can also say that sadly video games are also an addiction for me!  I've used them to escape from real life so often, and its a terrible habit that has sabotaged me my entire life.  For example i'll be doing great with any goal, and than a new game will be released and I'll pick up said game, and than a gaming binge will happen and all my goals go flying out the window! 

So for this life quest, and to grow up and take steps in being more responsible, I want to only play games after dinner.  That way the day will be spent achieving my goals and studying, working etc.  Games will than be a healthy pastime rather than an addiction!



Although I'm 29, and entering my third year of physiotherapy schooling, I still feel at times like a child.  I've tried and failed countless times in the past to overcome bad habits and create new ones, and I'm tired of being ashamed of my bad habits. Of not doing the best that I can in school.  I"m disgusted at how poor my condition is, and sitting on the sidelines while others are following their dreams, and making things happen!  I"m tired of being at a New Year's party and looking back at what felt like a wasted year.

As a physiotherapist I will be helping others with their physical health, and bodies, and it would be very hypocritical of me to ask them to lose weight, or exercise when I myself am unhealthy and not exercising!

I want to be confident again with my body.  I want to feel strong and healthy and capable of running like the wind down the soccer pitch, or dancing the whole night without getting exhausted after 10 mins.  I want to keep up with my future children!  So this is the first step, sharing this challenge with all of you and taking concrete action!


I'm excited and looking forward to a great six weeks!  I wish you all the very best in your own endeavors and will try to support you all the best I can.  You inspire me and I hope I can be of some inspiration to you as well!  Cheers and see you soon.





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So I wanted to, say a little something on everybody's thread!  But its almost midnight and I realize now there are a lot of us!  Which is great, but at the moment I can't say something on each and every single thread here.  So all the best to everybody doing their first challenge.  Good luck with achieving your goals!  If you ever need extra motivation, or someone to chat with i'm more than happy to listen!  Hope to get to know some of you better in the coming days!

Good night!

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thank you so much Party Cannon for the party pony!  I'm still with you!  I really really appreciate the check in, to be honest I know that everyone is concerned about getting through their own challenge, but it definitely is nice to hear support from others.


I consider today the 31, i started a little late the evening of the 29th, as my second day, so here is an update.

Yesterday I did a zombies 5k workout, cut it a little short to make it to church on time.  Went sight seeing with my mother and some friends here in The Netherlands, she is here on a visit.  Saw some lovely windmills, got a good several hours walk in for her, and myself, although ended up eating at Mcdonalds, because that is where the group went and I'm weak willed! So i'll count yesterday as my food splurge day! When we got back did a body weight workout!  Didn't play any video games until after dinner, was easy since we got home a tad late, though I was greatly tempted to hop on before dinner. Finally went to bed early to get some rest!



B+ on the run, could have put a little more effort in and started earlier to give myself more time!

A - on the workout, again i felt could have pushed a little harder, but completed all the same

A on video games, since I didn't play although the temptation was there, and went to bed early!  


This morning I've already been on my run, and it was a great effort! No cutting it short this time.

Also having scrambled eggs for breakfast yum.  


Thanks again to Party Cannon, i got the motivation to update when i got then notification that you had swung by my thread!


I hope everyone else is doing great and still going strong!

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Update Day 2


As stated had a great run this morning and feels good to have done so.  Had a healthy scrambled egg breakfast, and fruit shake.  

Lunch was difficult, had two baloney sandwiches!  If you guys have ideas for healthy simple not too expensive lunches, that would be great!  

Didn't work out today as its a "rest" day, did do a set of pull ups while I was studying when I needed a bit of a mental break.

Haven't played games until after dinner!  Spent some time catching up on my studies which feels good as well.  For dinner had some salmon and steamed vegetables!  Craving ice cream now with this hot weather, and that was the habit from before but posting this update instead and glad that I can say I didn't give in to the craving!


Feeling good and looking forward to another day! Thanks to everyone who checked in!

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Joe- it's no ice cream, but I really like canned fruit in 100% juice.  Dunno if you can get that in the Netherlands, though. I know Gyro has a heck of a time finding in in Canada.


If you have a blender (I saw you had a smoothie in your list of foods), get frozen fruit and a coordinating juice, and use just enough juice to blend it. Then you'll have an ice cream like product that you can eat with a spoon.

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Did you say ice cream?


1 can of coconut milk (not the lite version)

1 banana

1 tablespoon of honey


Mix all in a blender and put it in an ice cream maker.  Follow manufacturer's instructions on the ice maker.  I did this and it tasted damn awesome!  I put some walnuts in it as well so that it would taste like eating banana nut bread...


Don't have an ice cream maker, no problem.  There is this 5-minute ice cream method:




I haven't try if it would work the same on coconut milk ice cream.  It's on my list to do for this weekend!


Good luck with your training and the challenge!

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Hey, I posted this over at House Stark, but just in case you didn't see it, here are some lunch suggestions...



Sardines or tuna

Hard boiled eggs

Sliced deli meat - try doing lettuce wraps instead of sandwiches. They're a bit messier but tastier in my opinion and no empty carbs.


Leftovers (make extra dinner the night before)

Nut butters (on fruit, veggies, or just straight up)



Salads! Put them together the night before and just leave the dressing off until you're ready to eat so it doesn't get soggy.


Carrots, broccoli, cukes, or whatever dipped in a bit of chevre or hummus.  Here's a great recipe for beet and carrot hummus. It's actually a recipe for collard wraps but the hummus is part of it. I know chickpeas aren't paleo, but this stuff is delicious and if you aren't 100% paleo, it's worth a try.


Quartered tomatoes or cucumbers with a bit of salt.


Throw in a bit of fruit for dessert and you're set.

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Morning Day 4

Hey everyone, thanks for all the replies and suggestions!  Had a salad, gonna try some deli meat with salad wraps today instead of bread, cheers Elastoman!

So it begins, today I'm sorely tempted to take it "easy" give myself a "well  deserved" break, which would probably end up being a gaming binge, no exercise whatsoever, and return to unhealthy eating.  AHHHH bad habits and a very weak willpower muscle.  Superheroes, protagonists in novels, always seem to make the tough decision, they stick with their quest through thick and thin, and it just seems natural to them, heck when i'm playing video games I don't miss a chance to obtain every possible level up or chance to train or get stronger, yet real life ARGGGH.  Well it needs to be a challenge right?  To be honest if it wasn't for you people, and house stark I"d probably be playing video games right now!  SO THANK YOU, just by posting your updates and knowing i'm being accountable to house stark its helped me so far stick with it!


Day 3

Day 3 was great, I did week 3 workout 1 which kicked my butt!  The challenge ramped up significantly for me between week 2 workouts and week 3, and i loved it although it killed me.  

Had a good body weight workout, doing less on my legs since they were tired from the challenging run, and focused on my arms, also felt great!  Rather than just going through the motions I focused on getting stronger, and building muscle and managed to squeeze out a few extra reps.

Study went well, at least I managed to stay off video games until after dinner.  My focus and dedication while studying could be better!  This will probably be a recurring theme for me.  Games are a huge addiction for me, I've used them to escape reality for years now.  Don't want to focus on too many goals at once, and will keep this as one of my side goals but want to build up a habit of exercise and healthy eating first.

Had some great meals yesterday, scrambled eggs for breakfast, lots of water throughout the day!  A lovely fresh salad, with brined chicken for lunch.  My ex gf made pasta for dinner but I had small portions of that.


During the evening however, I really got into playin Shogun 2 and that kept me up till midnight, and than i started getting food cravings, had a glass of almond milk and some crackers, the crackers weren't great but I need to get some more sleep to recover! 

Today my body is feeling the workouts, which is good, I already went for a walk, instead of doing a zombies run, trying to listen to my body and not push too hard, will see if I can do the run later this evening when its cool.  Supposed to be a rest recovery day today in terms of body weight workout but I may do some yoga!

Gonna try, no I WILL get to bed earlier today and hope I can get some decent sleep.  Sleep is a little hard to come by after the breakup and adjusting to new sleeping arrangements.


Good luck to everyone else on their challenges!


Ms Louise, I'm not sure exactly what got me into parkour, I guess a combination of youtube videos and a Nerdy interest in Ninjas, Assasin's creed, elves, and being someone who has always wanted to do flips and jumps and be extremely dexterous and fast.  I'm short at "5.5 so when playing sports i've always had to rely on speed and agility!  Just watching others do Parkour I want to be able to take my abilities to the next level!

To everyone else thanks for the check ins and ice cream suggestions!  

Again the food recipes are great Elastoman!

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what up, fellow fresh-starter??


It's Day 2, and I know you're still with me... right??


I'll post ponies for every day you don't update us on your fabulousness!


Like right... now!



Nice, this guy is a motivator!   How can one go wrong with my little bronies as a motivator? I mean really!?!    


Granted I am a biased druid, but do MOAR yoga!    Can never stretch too much and bodyweight training is so good for the body. 

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