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Origin Story

Pushing his way through wave after wave of ninja zombies the hero Kung Fu Johnny slowly worked through the nine levels of the Mijikkujutsu fortress. The weeks of fighting would have been to much for all but the strongest, but Kung Fu Johnny had the ability to temper his strikes with his chi and enhanced combat skills. 


As he reached the top of the nine towers Kung Fu Johnny was meet with one last challenge. Could he strike down the demonic martial artist Mijikku, defeat evil andlearn the strongest attack known in the multiverse? The sound of the ancient evil overlords head bouncing off the towers floor was a resounding “yepâ€. 


The scores of undead evaporated and the ancient scroll of power manifested in front of Kung Fu Johnny. As he read the technique which could break worlds in half he heard an evil laugh. For a split second he felt he was the most power martial artist the world had or would ever know. Then just as quickly as the feeling came upon him it left. Not only the world ending move but all of his martial arts knowledge. All of his of training in alien martials arts, sparring with superheros and gods of old and his magical martial arts skills were gone in an instant. The evil Mijikku had tricked him into reading a tome of forgetting. He was left on the ninth floor with his body good only for walking.


Kung Fu Johnny struggled out of the Mijikkujutsu fortress and through the dark realms he had traveled to defeat evil. As he collapsed into the forest he knew his training must begin again if he was to defeat Mijikku. This time he would train differently...


Main mission

Get moving! I want to stay on track with my marathon training plan. It involves 4 days of running (with one of those being an optional rest day) and 2 days of cross training.


Goal 1

Win a dietbet. Loose 4% total starting weight. I weight 190 now.

A - 8 pounds

B - 6-7 pounds

C - 4-5 pounds

D - 2-3 pounds

F - 0-1 pounds


Goal 2

Decrease my resting heart rate.



Goal 3

Increase my easy run speed.

A - 6.5

B - 6

C - 5.5

F - No change


Life Quest

Run in the mornings so I have more time with family when I get home at night.

A - 4 times a week

B - 3 times a week

C - 2 times a week

D - 1 time a week

F - 0 times a week



My wife and I signed up for our first marathon in November down in San Antonio. The furthest I’ve ever run is a 5k so this is a huge stretch for me! I've been on a quest to loose weight since I found out we were having a little girl 2 years ago. I've been slowly but surly dropping the pounds (40 so far) and I'm ready for the next push.

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