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Nah its just me again. Im back, but this time im taking it down a notch. Last challenge, i had a few too many thing to focus on and things fell through the cracks. So im only doing four this time. And heeeeerrrrre they are  :onthego:


1: Practice soccer once a week +1 STR +1 STA

Im probably not going to play school soccer this year, but will probably try out next year, so i have to keep in shape.


2: Drink two bottles of water a day +1 CON

Ive stopped drinking all soda ( :pride: ) so ive been drinking Arizona teas and water. I want to drink more water this year because last year i was dehydrated ALOT


3: Start meditating +1 WIS +1 CHA

Ive heard alot about meditation on here so i figured id try it out  :playful:


4: Update a story twice a week +1 CHA +2 WIS

I havent really been doing enough on my stories, and if i update i the chapters arent long enough  :nonchalance: so i figured this would be good


Goals ok? GOOD


Joker :victorious: PIECES 

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Hey Joker :)


Your goals look like you're going in the right direction. For your third meditation goal, though, it is helpful to be more specific.  Something like or "Meditate for 10 minutes a week". Making that quantifiable will make it easier to solidly achieve (and keep yourself from slacking off).


What's your motivation for achieving these goals?

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Oh Jesus.... Well to start off, THANK YOU everyone who commented on this and helped me on :) I havnt been doing well actually....

I feel like ive put it on here, before, but im Diabetic (INTERNATIONAL DIABETES DAY WHOOP WHOOP) And its been a rough few months. That along with starting a gifted Academy for high school has made me rearrange my priorities. Mid Exams just passes, and im not doing as well as i liked, but i think everything's going to get better  :nevreness: I have though (regrettably) Fallen majorly behind on my goals  :neglected:  WE moved (again) and we have no wifi and are now living in a camper on my grandfathers land. And hes not that fond of my family... haha... yeah... So i havnt had a lot of room to practice piano... BUT I am in band at this new high school and have been able to practice three times a week for 45 minutes each time, which im really happy about. So, even if its a bit late for the goals thing, im really proud of that! Everything else, though, not so much. Ive got the water thing down (I have a reusable camel back i attach to mt book bag and take with me everywhere. That coupled with walking a college campus four times a day makes me thirsty!!! :playful: ) So that ones good i guess. Meditation... No. Complete F. I haven't tried once to practice that, which i think im gonna try to make up for soon. Soccer has been a fail too. I've practiced maybe seven times since i put this all up, and its a bit annoying, because i now know three guys who are on the team, and i KNOW i would get my ass beat if i tried to go up against them  :hopelessness:. But like i said, not on our land so i cant really practice out there. Hopefully coming the next month or two, we'll b back on our own stomping grounds and ill be able to practice soccer and Tennis again. Stories.... Ah my stories. I feel Like i have abandoned my babies in the wilderness. I haven't updated some forever. Ive been swamped with enough homework for years. That paired with the no internet acess AND no word or writer on my computer means i cant post them (im leaching off my schools Wifi while i wait for my ride to pick me up) But im getting into the swing of things so ill be doing better with that. Hopefully. I feel like a horrible person because im not updating.... But im currently passing all my classes and will not be kicked out (yet) so i feel like this year has been a success so far. :pride:  Cheer Me on everyone!!!

Joker, Out  :victorious:

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