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doubleornothing's quest in search of Balance and Serenity

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Main Quest: To feel more balanced and serene in daily life.


Motivation: I am sick of feeling stressed & miserable. Being constantly on edge is negatively impacting many facets of my life, including my overall health. I want to feel healthy, balanced, and even serene. 



Quests to guide me towards my main quest:

1.) Yoga, +1 practice/week

When I was actively practicing yoga, I always felt much calmer, stronger and happier (not to mention less tense). I want to get back into this practice to hopefully reap the same benefits as before.

STR +2  DEX +2  CHA +1

Grading: A: 100% of sessions completed; C: 50% of sessions completed; F: less than 50% of sessions completed


2.) Meditate daily, +5 mins/2 weeks

I think everyone here has read about the benifits of meditation... yet I find it so difficult to dedicate even a few minutes to doing absolutely nothing. I will probably be using guided meditations to begin with, but hopefully I'll be able to progress to purely instrumentals, or even no music. I will be adding 5 mins every 2 weeks.

STA +3  WIS +1  CHA +1

Grading: A: full time of meditation completed; C: half of meditation completed; F: less than half or no meditation completed


3.) 2 hours homework/day MINIMUM

One of the most stressful parts of my life right now is dealing with school. I have more homework than I have every had in my life, and I feel this huge weight on my shoulders trying to keep up with it. I will dedicate myself to a minimum of 2 hours of homework every day in order to try to keep on top of this pile.

WIS +1  CHA +1

Grading: A: 2 or more hours of homework completed; C: 1-2 hours of homework completed; F: less than 1 hours of homework completed


Life Quest: 15 mins of tidying/housework daily

This is another big source of stress for me in my life. With 2 kittens and a boyfriend to look after (ha ha) the house can get a bit messy, and it really stresses me out after a while (though not enough to do anything unless I'm using it as a way to procrastinate on my homework...)

WIS +1  CHA +1

Grading: A: 15 mins completed; C: 10 mins completed; F: less than 10 mins completed


I think that about covers everything...right? 

~Lvl 3~

~STR 3~DEX 2~STA 4~CON 7~WIS 7~CHA 5~


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Very good goals! I have the same intention for this challenge.  May you have a fantastic week one! And may all the others just get better.  

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A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. ~ Colin Powell

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Good luck in the pursuit of balance and serenity! Your goals look like you've got a handle on what will help you to reach that place. I like that you're committing to doing homework and a little bit of home tidying each day - I could learn from implementing those practices in my daily life too.

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Yeay balance and serenity! All of your goals look very well thought out and doable. Can't wait to see your progress!

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Hey DoubleOrNothing!

Do the kittens ever sleep on your belly? My (old) cat is at the moment and that my friend makes me feel very peaceful.

Wonderful, realistic and inspiring goals!

Di you have a good space for studying or do you spread out and do it wherever?

For me yoga is the most important factor to keep sane and happy ....

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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Thanks for all the support so far! It definitely seems a lot more doable so far, even with school (midterms!), work and a family emergency (everything's better now).


Evenewbie - I'm lucky if I can get them to hold still long enough to give them their food without it spilling everywhere, lol! I guess they're still too young to cuddle much, but it is cute to watch them sleep or have them start purring while I'm petting them (even if they aren't lying down, or on me).


As far as the stress levels go, things don't seem to have changed much. But 1 week is not enough time for these changes to make a real difference, I think. We'll see how I feel after midterms this week... ugh, midterms.


Update/Progress Report:

Yoga = 0 sessions, F

Meditation = A. Missed 1 day, however most days I meditated more than twice the required 5 mins, so I think it evens out.

Homework = A, worked 2+ hours daily (some days a LOT more than that)

Tidy House = B; missed 1 day, but completed all others.

~Lvl 3~

~STR 3~DEX 2~STA 4~CON 7~WIS 7~CHA 5~


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Yoga - 2/2 sessions done, A

Meditating - 7/7 for min 10 mins each, A

2 hours HW/day - 5/7, missed 2 days, C

Tidy house - 7/7 A


So far, so good!


QofC - I either find a video online, or pick a series of poses that will work specific parts of my body that could benefit from a good stretch (couldn't they all, though? :playful:  )

~Lvl 3~

~STR 3~DEX 2~STA 4~CON 7~WIS 7~CHA 5~


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Whoops, been forgetting to update ><

I've started a new job in this past 2 weeks. It is rather physically demanding, so I am amending my daily HW goal to only non-work days.

Week of 19 Aug

Tidy House 15 mins - 5/7 C

2 Hours HW - 4/4  A

Meditating - 5/7 C

Yoga - 4/4 A


Week of 26 Aug

Tidy House 15 mins - 5/7 C

2 Hours HW - 3/4 B

Meditating - 4/7 D

Yoga - 2/5 F



This new job is entirely too demanding on me, so I'm looking into finding something that would work better for me. With that, and finals happening in the next 2 weeks, I hope I am still able to keep up with these goals (because they had been helping me feel better until they lost priority in my mind).

~Lvl 3~

~STR 3~DEX 2~STA 4~CON 7~WIS 7~CHA 5~


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Thanks evenewbie! Going to have a 4 month break from school after next week to focus on myself and work. I'm very much looking forward to a bit of a break!






Last Summary (also including what I will be doing tomorrow, come hell or high water):


Tidy House - 7/7 A 

2 Hours of Homework - 5/5 A

Meditating - 6/7 B

Yoga - 1/6 F


Total Report:

Tidy House - 6, 7, 7, 5, 5, 7 = 37/42~~~~~ B

HW - 7, 5, 7, 4/4, 3/4, 5 = 31/34~~~~~~~~ A

Meditation - 6, 7, 6, 5, 4, 6 = 34/42~~~~~~ B

Yoga - 0/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 2/5, 1/6 = 12/21~ F


Total Stat Increases:

~Lvl 2 Druid~
~STR 3~DEX 2~STA 2~CON 7~WIS 5~CHA 2~

STA + 2, WIS + 2, CHA + 3


Level 3 Druid,

~STR 3~DEX 2~STA 4~CON 7~WIS 7~CHA 5~


~Lvl 3~

~STR 3~DEX 2~STA 4~CON 7~WIS 7~CHA 5~


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