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A Samsonian Quest to Regain My Strength

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As soon as I discovered NF I knew I would be a warrior...why? Because lifting weird heavy stuff is fun! Lifting traditional weights is fun too. But this year had not been my best..the first 4 months were spent in PT rehabbing a tear to my labrum and rotator cuff in order to avoid surgery...then two good months, then the last month working through some ligament damage in my hip.

So...my first challenge is simple...regain my once Samsonian strength through careful and planned lifting of less odd objects until I can once again lift said odd objects.

OK maybe not quite like Samson but I am naturally strong, and discovered I had pretty decent maxes as a beginning lifter...I want to get back to them, and hopefully surpass them at the end of the year.

How I am going to lift the cedars of Lebanon: (i.e sub challenge)

1. Paleo - I slacked off while I was injured...clean eating = better lifting...so goodbye grains,dairy, legumes.

2. Specific training plan - my normal routine plus a lil extra

M/W - yoga

T/TH/F - lift (oly/pl) & metcon

S - yoga & endurance wod

SN - tennis

10 - 20 minute bodyweight drill every AM (this is new, and how I am easing back into bench and squats since those are the two things that are hardest for me right now)

3. Accountability / Encouragement

This is where I could use some serious help! I have a great support group here, but since my injury I am not as competitive as I used to be so I feel a little out of place. I'm not lifting my usual weights so I can't just rotate in. I have tried to use it as an opportunity to try to get to know some of the newer girls in the group...but I still get discouraged. I think a part of regaining my strength will be to branch out and meet new people. To share my love of lifting with people new to it, and we can encourage one another to do our best. And to cheer on my friends that are competing and doing well! I hope I can join them in December!

I hope by the end if this six weeks I will be ready to start lifting strongman again...I miss kegs, logs and heavy ropes...I wish I could hug an atlas stone. :/

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