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Duedhel's First Quest to Awesomeness

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Costco has brats that aren't horrible, and are pretty cheap. Eggs is probably my number one cheap protein source, but you've gotta like eggs to eat them that much. Applegate farms (I think) has good hot dogs without all the random crap, but they can be pricey.


Canned salmon is pretty good in addition to tuna, just get the little tuna sized cans. The tall cans have bones and eyes and skin and junk. Pain in the butt.


So I guess eggs is my only decent suggestion.

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Update #6: I'm Not Dead Yet



I feel I should start off by apologizing to everyone who's been keeping up with me for not updating for two weeks. Y'all have been incredibly supportive and amazing and I feel I have let you (and myself) down by not keeping you informed. So, I'm sorry.


Obviously I have some catching up to do, so I guess this will be a week 5&6 update plus a summation of the whole challenge. Better bring a snack, cause this might take a while!




Week 5 was incredibly frustrating for me on the workout front. I tried to workout two days but could barely make it through the warmup. Since I'm tracking actual BBW workouts, I can't count those towards my goal. Bummer. :(  Week 6 wasn't any better until the end of the week. Asthma was doing a fantastic job at keeping me down. Actually had to break out the nebulizer a couple of times (it's a bad sign when I have to use it). I was pretty busy at work and moving around more than usual, so I guess that was better than nothing. It was just so irritating to not be able to workout like I wanted. I finally felt better on Saturday and I threw myself into a set. And by throw I mean take 30 seconds in between each exercise and pray like crazy I didn't have an asthma attack. My lungs were paying for it after that one set, but I felt SO much better mentally after I finished!


Food tracking both weeks was pretty bad. Well, there was nothing pretty about it. I sucked. Only four days total in Week 5 and three for Week 6. Basically, I was lazy and/or forgetful. There were several days where I started tracking but never actually finished. I did much better at staying at or below my calorie limits though (at least on the days I tracked).


Surprisingly, I did way better at getting six hours of sleep a night (although HOW I was meeting that goal leaves much to be desired). Missed only one day each week. I really have to get on a regular sleeping schedule though. I've been sleeping through my first alarm way too easily. I don't even hear it. And sometimes, I don't hear my backup alarm either and that's usually REALLY bad!



End of Week 5 Weight: 247 (-7 total)

End of Week 6 Weight: ??? (Unofficially 248) - Remember when I said I've been sleeping through my alarms? Didn't wake up until a full three hours after my usual weigh time and then didn't weigh because I was 45 minutes late to church (and I'm the pianist!). I weighed Monday morning instead, so I'm using that weight instead.




End of Challenge Results



Mission #1: Do the Beginner Body Weight Routine 3x a week


18 total - 13 completed

72% - B


Mission #2: Write down what I eat every day


42 total - 30 completed

71% - B


Mission #3: Get at least 6 hours of sleep every night


42 total - 34 completed

80% - B



Grading Scale:

A: 81-100

B: 61-80

C: 41-60

D: 21-40

F: 0-20


I'm still not sure if this was the best way to divide the grading scale, but I think part of me is disappointed that I didn't do better, especially the last two weeks, and I want to be harder on myself. I didn't lose as much weight as I was hoping to and I definitely slid backwards into old habits more times than I thought I would. 


But enough with the negativity! Here's a few things I learned from (plus a few reasons why I rocked) this challenge!


  • Water is my new best friend. I've noticed such a huge difference in my energy levels and alertness from dropping Cokes and switching to water (and tea!). I feel more awake and less sluggish (and sometimes, like I can take on the world!) than I used to and I love it!
  • My emotional eating is a lot better. Yeah, I went overboard more times than I care to admit, but it was easier to limit how much I ate and a lot of times I was looking forward to getting back on track. It's also gotten easier on my not-as-bad emotional days to not stop for ice cream or fast food on the way home from work. 
  • I can do pushups on my knees! Only up to 5 for now, but six weeks ago, I was having to do pushups against a wall, so major victory!!
  • I lost 6 pounds! So I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted. Who cares?! My pants are actually loose on me for the first time in months and I found two more shirts that fit now!
  • Trying new recipes is a lot of fun. Of course, grocery shopping has turned into an adventure because I'm using ingredients I've never used before. The Great Quest for Arugula was quite the adventure (or fiasco, depending on your perspective :tongue: )!
  • I have a better sense of other changes I need to make in my life. I have a lot more Life Quests than I originally thought. First challenge: post more often! ;)


In conclusion: I've leveled up in Awesomeness! I'm still not sure how the RPG thing here works (do I get points even if I don't get an 'A'? Do I even get points because I'm so ridiculously LATE at posting?) so I won't be updating any stats until I get my head wrapped around it. 

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Glad you made it back!


Life happens. You could have easily just blown this whole thing off, and never came back, but you didn't. Kudos to you. Did you do as good as you planned, or as good as you wanted? Maybe not. But you're making progress. You're also forming habits. That's huge. I'm thrilled for you and I'd encourage you to jump right back in on Monday (another challenge is already starting!).


As far as the RPG aspects of the challenges go, I think you can assign your points as you see fit. If you want to be hard on yourself, you can, or you can take them all if you feel like you earned em. There IS a thread explaining the ins and outs of how most do it, but I don't have a link handy. It's one of the general 6 week challenge threads. If I find it, I'll come back and drop it here.


Good luck moving forward and I'm stoked you came back to tell us how you finished!

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