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Sebastian and the losing of the gut

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Hi. I´ve been a passive rebel for the last year. From now on I am an active rebel.


I´ve never been overweight per se, but I´ve always have had a gut Always since I can remember...maybe its something genetic, In college I peaked at 176kg, I lost it since, but the gut stayed. I followed the rebel strength guide three months ago, and although I started gaining muscle, the gut continued to grow, and I worried. I started at 159lb, and peaked at 176lb.. Last month I´ve decreased calorie intake but I have failed to go to the gym all month long. This reduced my stomach measurements from 4So, 2in to 40in, but Im still incredibly "gutty", you can see the picture.  I´m currently at 174lb. I dont eat that bad. I have a soda every 2 weeks or so. I eat one small candy every day or so. My weakness is bread and rice, but I can live a week without eating it. OK, enough context...


My epic and hard as hell quest...to lose the gut (I include as attachment my picture from today)


My three specific goals.


Decrease the measurement of the stomach from 40,3in (measured today) to 35in

3 barbell gym sessions (45min) per week, 1 running or bicycle session per week

Maximum 1 slow carbohydrate portions per day (rice, pasta, bread, etc), Minimum 3 vegetable portions per day


It´s my first challenge, I dont know if Im being too greedy. What do you think? Although I could lose some weight, thats not my goal right now. 


My motivation is to stop being the not so fat, but not fit guy. I´m gonna be the fit guy.


Thanks nerd fitness and the rebellion!


Any rebels have had a similar situation? I dont have a group of friends worried about being fit, so it´s gonna be difficult to go along, thats why I could use the support, and give some support if I can in the process!






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I think you've got a great main challenge! I can share the pain; I was mostly fine with when I gained weight up from my ideal weight (but still within "normal" BMI), as the pounds did come to my butt and thighs, but the last 5 kilograms or so have come entirely to my belly, and it's the part that ashames me most. But not much longer, let's both get fit!


I think you've got a great exercise goal of 3 + 1. What's your starting point? For me, who is coming up from a "no exercise except for transporting around with a bicycle"- standpoint, that sounds like quite a lot, but something you will surely get visible results with withing the 6 weeks of the challenge.


I also think your eating goal is solid. If you feel like you're eating too much of rice/pasta/bread, you're probably right ^^. 


However, I don't think the "stomach measurement" is really a specific goal; I think it is part of your main goal of "losing the gut". It is not really actionable, it is mainly a desired end result. I would consider switching it to some goal that will help you on your way to losing that gut. That could be for example drinking more water (or cutting out other beverages), keeping a log of what you eat or even split your exercise goal or your food goal into two (like to have the pasta and the veggies as different goals). Tracking your measurements is in my opinion a good way to keep track of progress, though.


And well, losing the stomach = losing fat. It's about luck and genetics where your fat does stack, and bad luck (in my opinion :D but sharing that aswell ^^) to have it stack on the belly. But losing fat = losing the fat from the belly as well, and getting muscles to the stomach-area means that it will look better :) 



Best of luck with the challenge, keep it up!

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I feel your pain with the gut that won't leave. I've dealt with mine for as long as I can remember. Your missions very closely resemble my own. Even down to reducing abdominal measurement. After reading the first reply I'm wondering if I shouldn't go back and change that mission. Good luck!

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Thanks for the support


You´re absolutely right I should keep in mind my main quest of going down in the belly (and fat overall), but focusing on my actions, which would make my objectives:


1) Exercise: 3xweights, 1xcardio

2) Good food: 3 veggie portions per day

3) Moderate sugar and starch: 1 grain portion per day


Let´s do it! The hardest part is the 3 veggies portion part. I can go with one portion at lunch and one a t dinner. The other one is tricky. Could be a carrot snack, or veggies in the morning eggs.


Thanks again! 

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Great encouragement here! I have a gut that won't leave either. When I was 25 I had a goal of seeing my abs- that goal came and went with a lot of discipline in excercise and eating. If the gut was gone it wouldn't be a big deal to run without a shirt- and to always be self conscious about my pictures.


I do think your objectives will help you move toward the belly loss goal. I would recommend tracking your overall body measurements to help you stay motivated. Like Essillore mentioned above, you can't pick where the fat is used up at. Decreasing fat will decrease the belly, but you will also loose it in other places. So measure your chest, both biceps, your waist (around your butt), and your thighs. Those are all places that will change as your body deals with better food and exercise.


I have also had to get used to eating green stuff at breakfast. It's just weird. I don't have anything for you there. Hold your nose as you eat some spinach?


Thanks for your support Sebastian.

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Spread the veggies out. I usually have a couple of poached eggs around 6:30am and I make sure I pack extra veggies with my lunch so I can munch on them at around 10:00am for a snack. Then enjoy some with lunch. And maybe have some more around 3:00pm unless I happen to have a small amount of fruit. The go to veggies for me are cauliflower and carrots. Many measurements will be the key to realizing progress overall. Keep up the good work!

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I have been trying to like kale. Yesterday, I swear it tasted like exhaust! Of course I was not doing anything to help it out. This morning I finished off the package and ate it with some cherry tomatoes and the combo was really pleasant. For lunch today I had broccoli steamed, which I have really come to enjoy. Then I had grape tomatoes wrapped in spearmint leaves- that was really tasty. I wonder if cherry and grape tomatoes are considered fruit on the Paleo Diet? I guess I will count it as that. Anyone have input on that?


What veggies are you eating, Sebastian? Anything you hate, like kale?

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I have been trying to like kale. Yesterday, I swear it tasted like exhaust! Of course I was not doing anything to help it out. This morning I finished off the package and ate it with some cherry tomatoes and the combo was really pleasant. For lunch today I had broccoli steamed, which I have really come to enjoy. Then I had grape tomatoes wrapped in spearmint leaves- that was really tasty. I wonder if cherry and grape tomatoes are considered fruit on the Paleo Diet? I guess I will count it as that. Anyone have input on that?


What veggies are you eating, Sebastian? Anything you hate, like kale?


When it comes to kale, the right seasonings is key. A little lemon, salt, spice and not overcooking it.  Try this recipe: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/3082537932/quick-and-simple-stir-fried-kale-and-bacon

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I think is a matter of knowing how to cook them well. Im not a big fan of kale or cauliflower (am i spelling it right?), but I could give them a chance. Also spinach is tricky.

the ones I cannot stand are Green beans, cucumber and cellery. I dont know why. Childhood trauma or something.

I dig well cooked brocoli, onions, mushroom, red peppers, tomatoes, zuccini, carrots, peas.

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Have you tried eating veggies raw? Sometimes you lose nutrients during cooking, not so much that it's a deal breaker. I like most of them both ways. But I'm odd like that.

Your stats weren't confusing at all. I saw you had some success maybe not what you wanted but it was success. This week will be better! Just stay positive and keep pushing.

I'm right there with you some success but not what I wanted. I had measurements from a month ago and very few went down.

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Green eating is hard. Getting to three servings a day is a HUGE challenge. At lunch Im trying to pack 2 servings, so I only need one left, but still, only one day i've managed to get to the 3 servings goal.

The grain part I am now at 1-2 daily servings. Where i live EVERYTHING is served with bread/rice/pasta. My girlfriend CAN'T have breakfast without bread so it's hard but I'm lowering the amount consumed little by little. Hopefuly I'll get to my goal in the next weeks.

Doing exercise again has been great, although i haven't got to my goals yet. i did two barbell routines this week, and tried to do a chinup after many months. I got to half of it, so instead i did negative chinups. My body aches, but it's a good ache.

Thanks for the support!

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Hey Sebastian- thanks for the help with the dishes dilemma. I don't know that disposable plates are so bad for the environment. We use a lot of drinking water to wash regular dishes- I guess I'm doing my part by not washing so much??? No- it is really a small step in making myself be more responsible as a tidy person (which I want to be, but am not).


Any new ground in the green eating? I have been watching for ideas and recipes for you, but don't have anything to give you at this point. Are you good at just making yourself do stuff. Like eating one new or usually avoided vegetable per week and describing how you detest it in as many words as possible? There has to be a fun way to eat green stuff. I have just resorted to needing it regardless of how I like it. The acceptability of it has grown on me, but I can't say that I would prefer most veggies over other options. Is there a grocery or restaurant that prepares a lot of vegetarian options near you? That might be a place to try new greens cooked in ways you are not aware of or familiar with. I have always enjoyed that part of Lebanese food, although I think it is pretty heavy with oil.


Hope you are seeing success. I will keep my eye out for some interesting green stuff for you.

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I tried a recipe out for you- it's from the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. Indian style Broccoli Slaw. The flavor was great, but the texture was not good. Maybe it would be better with cabbage? I'm still looking.


Have you ever tried whipping up cauliflower? I have seen it used in place of couscous.


How are things going for you?

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I saute'd kale in some bacon fat as part of my dinner last night and thought of you. It was pretty tasty with my eggs and salsa- almost meaty?!! I also made an Asian Slaw based on a recipe from Dave Lieberman. I substituted pineapple sauce (from the blender) for the brown sugar and mayonnaise- super-yummy. 

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Hi. Been lost for a while. Personal problems. But i kept with my big wins and althought i didnt reach my goals i loved the challenge and the support... Im looking foreard for the next one.

Jefro, thanks for the constant support, it meant a lot. I tried the brocoli and it is great. the kale im not sure, but that recipe sounds great. Im gonna try it.

For the bext challenge im buying a paleo book. Im between the paleo solutiin and practical paleo

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Anyway, here are my results:

OK, so I finished the challenge.

The results weren´t optimal


I increased my daily veggie intake.

I returned to my 3 times a week weight routine

I feel stronger, and with more muscle in arms and chest and back (but I didn´t measure that...)

I kept the above log to track measure of the goals


My weight is the same (probably with a little less fat, but I didn´t measure that...)

My stomach is the same (in measure at least)

I couldnt follow my cardio goal

I couldnt lower significantly my grain intake.

I practically left the conversation after week 3.


Focus on big wins, instead of goals

Goals are important to keep you motivated, but it´s probable that your actions dont necesarily help your assigned goals, and thats OK

Choose better measures to track

Never desist.

Keep it going

Next challenge will be better

Thanks to the people that encouraged. I´ll participate more in the next challenge.

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