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SpaghettiMonster Running!

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Can you imagine the Spagetti Monster running? :)

So this is my first 6-week challenge. I've started first walking then jogging for the last 2.5 months. Last week I did 12.4km and my goal for the next 6 weeks to more than double it. My exact schedule is in the image. 


It is an ambitious goal and will probably fail at it, but it is besides the point. 12km/week sounded impossible too :)


For accountibility i've joined the House Stark squad, I hope I can help others and get some nudging when I fall back :)


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Using a Excel spreadsheet is a a great idea - the best of luck to you!

Thank you! The spreadsheet is based on a 26-weeks schedule for running a marathon. Of course, now on my 12th week the schedule has become 30 weeks (due to not advancing quick enough), but as I wrote previously, that is besides the point :) 

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Heh. I decided to do the Paleo diet, but without giving up noodles. They are a holy food!

Haha, this year i've actually (despite the username :)) cut out rice and pasta, only eating them when there is no other option (some dinner) 

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Thank you Jacqui :) 


Mid-week update: Monday was resting day as I had run on both Saturday and Sunday. 

Tuesday run was 2.7km below the planned 3.5km 

Will need to step-up today and also cover as much as of my mileage as possible till Friday as i'm travelling all day on Saturday (which I'm planned to do 6km) and I want to keep Sunday free for resting... :)

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Thanks Quentin! It's still easy to remember (it was a couple of months ago) when I couldn't think that running 1-2km was doable for me, so even if I do less than my goal, I know i'm on a positive path doing better than where I was when I started :) 

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Midweek update: 

Monday: planned 4km, run 3.6km

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: planned 5.5km, run 5.4km

i have another 5.5 to do tomorrow but what i haven't thought so far are my 7km on Saturday during which i'm also planning to go to the beach and visit friends... :) 

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Thrid week:

I only got to run 3 days this week for a total of 16.5km out of a target of 22km. That was due to spending Saturday with friends and travelling back on Sunday (this was my vacation week).

Still, if you count in some swimming on Saturday and 5km of cycling on Friday, it wasn't that bad. Plus i got to do a new record, running 7.5km, above the targetted 7km!

Next week's target is 24.5km, but i'll be happy to hit 22km :)

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Next week's target is 24.5km, but i'll be happy to hit 22km :)


4th week ended up at 22.4km! :) 


Monday: missed my run, with the excuse that i was tired from travelling until 3am the previous night
Tuesday: bounced back with a record of 7.6km
Wednesday/Thursday: missed the scheduled run due to Tuesday  :)
Friday: covered the spread (despite being bored to run in the first place) with a new record of 8.7km for a total of 16.3km this week so far, matching the entire previous week of 16.5km in two runs!
Saturday: rest

Sunday: The week ended gloriously with a 6km run for a total of 22.3km out of 24.5km targeted. I count it as a success since i'm now just 2km away from my goal of doubling my weekly distance. 

At this point my schedule is bit messed up, running more kilometers in less runs but i'm still keeping to my overall goals.

Next week will be a challenge, i'm supposed to run again tomorrow after running today and I have travelling and friend visiting on the weekend. 


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Thank you DWD!

5th week update

Monday: resting day due to running on Sunday 
Tuesday: 8.5km run 
Wednesday: was supposed to be a resting day, but after a glorious eating frenzy, I decided to react swiftly and ending up with a record 9.3km run!
Thursday + Friday : resting days 
Saturday:  8.4km
Total for the week: 26.2km, matching the official target of 26km and even exceeding my realistic goal of 24km! :)
This means I've hit my goal of doubling my distance (started at 12.4km on Week 0) with a week to go!
Next week I will try to go even further. In any case, the schedule was actually part of a 26-week plan leading to a marathon so there is too grow. I'm thinking of settling down to doing 10Ks but that might be my brain trying to stay out of being pushed to do something difficult  :)


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My final week update: The week was not successful, partially because I had already hit my goal and partially because I was travelling 4 days of the week. This ended up with only two runs of 6.2 and 8 km. Still, the 14.2km total that I did with two runs was more than the 12.4km I was doing on my "week 0" (with 5 runs :))


Future plans: not sure when the next challenge starts, it would be interesting to participate in another one. Either way, I will keep on trying to improve with a similarly aggressive schedule. Winter is also coming, so I need to educate myself on running under rain and snow (which I've never done - any help appreciated).

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