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Hokay, I'm just gonna jump right in. : )





I got on a scale a few weeks ago and found I was 60 pounds heaver than I was last October. Basically I need to lose weight, then I can start taking levels in badass.


Main Quests


1) Try Paileo Diet. At least the 80/20 version as I'm living at home and my family's not at all eating this way so when I am home from uni, evenings and weekends I have to eat something so learning how to make the best of a sub optimal situation.

Breakdown: Eat Palieo 5x/week


2) Get better sleep.  Its as vital as the eating and exercise. So I'm going to start going to be no later then 1am.

Breakdown: Get better sleep


3)  Stop. Stress. Eating. Stress eating is my  shadow link, it is the insidious issue that  bought me to this point to begin with. I need to eat only when I'm hungry and if I Do stress eat to eat something that's not junk. E.G: An apple beats a bag of Doritos.

Breakdown: Stop eating poorly when upset/stressed. 


Side Quest:


Finally make a Linked in account and a wordpress blog. It's a new age and I want to make myself marketable for jobs and other opportunities.

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I think you have some good goals here.  I would suggest that when you feel stressed out to focus it on something other than food. When I get stressed I too would stress eat, but I have done better by focusing on other things, like cleaning, or picking up a book and reading that way it takes my mind away from food and into something else.  

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OKAY....these are my weeks 1 and 2 breakdowns.


week 1:(jul 29- aug 5)The diet part failed completely. I did exercising but I just wasn't allowing my self to really commit to what I was doing, I was annoyed that there was so much bread and dairy in the house [i'm living at home and Am not making/forcing any of my siblings or parents to join me nor have I told them, I like surprises.] So week one I was really crabby even though I lost about 2.5lbs. I didn't make my linked and and the original name for my blog was already in use, and I totally forgot blew off sleeping. 


week 2: (aug 6- aug13) Recommitted and stopped the nonsense, started deciding instead f trying to eat multiple times a day to just eat wen I'm hungry which is normally from mid afternoon to evening, didn't work out as much because I was a little anxious about an internship interview, but I still managed 2 mild workouts. The food thing as gotten much easier, I've learned that since I can't completely cut bread out of my diet for now I can eat much less of it and even only having like 2 days a week or so that I eat bread is better then eating it everyday, but I am noticing that it makes me feel far too full and a little queasy. I made my linked in, and y blog, even made my initial blog post and planned out a couple more for the future. I'm falling asleep at 1:30am and am steadily losing weight.


So... at the end of 2 weeks I have lost roughly 5 pounds. Which is excellent and am looking forward to next week when I will be running around everywhere to help with freshman orientation.


Also @ Annie: Thank you! I haven't had time for pleasure reading but I've been making time for it so I can focus on something other than 'hunger' when I feel overwhelmed also blogging/writing helps me.

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