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Huskerfan Reclaims the Joy, Chapter 1


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MISSION - to Clear Out the Clutter


Chapter 1 Goals:


1.1 = Exercise:  continue morning mile walking, with daytime walking/running when practical; body weight workout at least 3x per week


1.2 = Eating:  mindful eating, reduce sugar, help provide family with better food/snack choices (this is the hardest, esp. in summer when routines are scrapped)


1.3 = Environment:  rid environment of anything unnecessary - I am tired of spending time trying to find things amidst a bunch of stuff that doesn't make me happy.  Set up 6 areas of the house to work on, one each week.  Won't get it all done, but at least there will be a start.


1.4 = Schedule:  make white space in the calendar for spur of the moment fun activities with friends and family.


Don't know if this meets the requirements, but it is probably pretty close.  I am tired of being anxious all the time and am looking for some peace and calm in my soul!

<p>huskerfan - Adventurer - STR 7/DEX 5/STA 15/CON 9/WIS 8/CHA 5<p>

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Had to miss my walk this morning - it was lightning outside!  Maybe later today if the weather cooperates.  Otherwise, I am holding to that goal.


Just got back from a weekend out of town, so the cupboards are bare.  Great opportunity to refill with just the good stuff!


Working in the kids' rooms prior to start of school to get them prepared and organized, so that is the focus for this week.


Calendar is good so far, but once school starts it could get ugly.  Plan to write in the school stuff this week that is required and then work other activities around that.

<p>huskerfan - Adventurer - STR 7/DEX 5/STA 15/CON 9/WIS 8/CHA 5<p>

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In what has turned out to be the weekly posting, things are o.k.


Exercise - have kept up with daily morning mile or more, but slacking on bww.  That's easy to fix - just get going on it!

Eating - have reduced the amount of snack food, but am fighting a battle with one child about "nothing to eat" 

Environment - with all the carrying in of school supply stuff, it's hard to tell if any progress is being made.  Focus is on the living room this week.

Schedule - I know I could be more productive with my time, but did get to spend a few hours this afternoon with a girlfriend, fix dinner, and get to a meeting on time.


Overall score to date - probably a C+.

<p>huskerfan - Adventurer - STR 7/DEX 5/STA 15/CON 9/WIS 8/CHA 5<p>

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