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Pfft. Goals Schmoals. Who needs that crap. 


Lol, Just kidding. Kinda...  :nonchalance:


At this point I don't even remember what my original goals were. What I do know is that I am running 15-20 miles every week for the past four weeks and I love it!!! I have been throwing in some strength stuff once or twice a week, my body has been sore though and I should be doing more of that. I know I totally need to get back into my yoga routine because my legs are so inflexible right now it is not even cool. But I am super proud of my running!!!!


I lost a few pounds, I am eating great, I feel awesome and I am ready to kick some zombie ass. I think my girlfriend who is running with us bought me a zombie hunter shirt to wear (since I am too broke right now to buy anything new!). I am so excited about the race and I am looking into training for a tough mudder one next! But that one isn't for another year and I am sure there is fun stuff in the meantime!


Oh yeah, back to my goals. I totally lost it this challenge. I did not fail at all, except that I have not made time to get on here and keep everyone up on my progress or meet new people or support my friends or anything. In that regard, I sucked at this challenge. But I feel really good about where I am at in regards to my health goals. I am hoping to drop another 2 lbs before the race, not much but that would put me at my first goal weight. My second goal weight is another 15lbs down from that, which I hope to reach before March of next year because guess what....????!!!! 


WE"RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!  :surprise:  :couple_inlove: (yes, I have been referring to him as my husband for quite a while, we have been talking about it for a while, but we are finally planning it!!!!!) 




I am so super excited. My kids are excited, he is excited  :tickled_pink:


His parents are on vacation in Ireland right now, so they don;t know yet, but its gonna be awesome!!!


So forgive me if I am distracted recently! 


Oh and school starts on the 23rd!!! Life is so exciting right now! Except I can't remember my goals. But I don;t think I did bad. But I am not going to give myself points because I didn't even check in every week and I don't deserve points for only doing half of the assignment! 


And Goodnight. 

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"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." -Nietzsche




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You sound like you have done some pretty awesome stuff!  Even if you're original goals are forgotten, you've still done a lot of things you should be very proud of, and you sound really happy with what you've accomplished, and that's what's important :)  Go you!


Congrats on the wedding!!!  That's super-exciting!

One day, your heart will stop beating, and none of your fears will matter.  What will matter is how you lived.

-Henri Junttila


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Congrats on getting married girl!!! You gonna be ready for the race next Saturday?

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