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Athletic Vital Signs - At least the Gumby part is covered


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Main Quest:


Focus on HIIT, Spartacus like, Tabata, High Impact/Small Amount of Time workouts.


Going back (about 6 years+) to the time when I played soccer; I was fast and furious. Several injuries and a crazy sickness later, I had to turn to enduro sports. Speed and explosiveness were gone!  I did triathlons and enduro events for 4+ years (total of 8+ years of racing overall - lots of running, biking, du's). I did level up my life in several ways and had a great time overall....but, my body is over it; my mind is over it; my use of my personal time is over it.


(Throwing in no processed foods of any kind (yes....just say no to the Cracker Jacks at the baseball stadium, just say no to the Chex Mix at beach week, etc). 12 on/12 off fasting program compliments the no processed foods. Its pretty much a no brainer. The next challenge, I would like to see it go to 16/8 - - that will take time. )


I  have been practicing the above off and on for 9 months since my last major enduro event.   I signed up for a small tri this weekend; its a personal test; I have definitely decided that im moving on 100% away from enduro.....but, i will be connected (you can never stay away). I am going behind the scenes to be on the other side of racing. I have already volunteered at 4 events and more to come. I hope to be a run or bike buddy for my favorite tri in October!!!!


So Vital Athletic abilities -  (which i obtained from Share it Fitness) and have been processing in my mind and researching - - - - My main focus will be on:

  • Speed
  • Explosive Power
  • Short Burst Endurance

A part of that list is Flexibility - i m pretty gumby, so i will maintain!


So as I mentioned above - short burst workouts, plyo's, crossfit like workouts, etc. Its daunting b/c i havent been that type of athlete in a while, but exciting as well. Its going to be a huge challenge!!!!


Side Quest/Life Quests:


#1 Complete the first few pages of Proposal for my Masters Thesis - I need to wrap this up by Dec 13

#2 Use my steel toed boots, hard hat and safety glasses for my outdoor work via my internship to level up my career

#3 Plan my Africa trip for November



Looking forward to the next few weeks!

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