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The Barefoot Viking Still Swinging!

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After much upheaval in my life, I find myself in the swamps surrounded by ROUS, but I'm still swinging!



Epic Goal: Radically Transform My Life For The Better


Main Goal: Be a more  sexy bad ass Viking.


Objective #1 - Lose 15#

Objective #2 - Be able to run 5k without stopping with at least a 12min/mi pace

Objective #3 - Work out at least 5 time a week


Life Goal:  Find a new job that I really enjoy.



I will have to figure out how to assign points for this all, but wanted to get a post up.  Here are some of the action steps on the board for now.

  • 5 workouts a week in the gym
  • Get my foot to 100% and maintain its health
  • Run 3x a week (after my foot will take it)
  • Eat out no more than 3 times a week and eat healthy when I do
  • Stretch morning/evening
  • Attend at least 3 yoga classes
  • Eat whole grains/fruits/meat and little to no processed food.

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Hello BarefootViking :)

What happened to your foot? I hope it gets back to 100% soon and you can get back to kicking 100% butt.

I like that you have your objectives and also action steps to reach your goals.

I look forward to seeing all your progress through this challenge :)

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Thanks for all the comments!


What happened to the foot?  Damned if I know, too many years of working on it I suspect.  Mostly now it is the tendons on the top of my foot that are ticked off coupled by inflammation that refuses to go away.  Grrrr...


Even though it isn't 100% I carry on.  Even did the Spartan Race Saturday and oddly enough it feels better after doing it.  Figure that one out.


I saw part of the Viking series, it looked pretty good.  I get distracted with TV shows and never manage to watch whole series any more. Of course now I don't have a TV.


And lastly, how is the challenge going?  Not bad!  As I said, I did the Spartan Race on Saturday, recovered Sunday and worked out yesterday.  Need to find the Yoga schedule for my gym though as it seems to have changed.

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Have you ever had an allergy test? I used to have horrible inflimation in my knee due to previously being hit by a car and othe fun stuff like that. It was so bad that I couldn't walk for the first ten minutes in the morning, I've cut out wheat and I have next to no inflimation. Just something else to try!

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