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Help! I have workout ADD!!

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Okay so the main reason I'm not participating in the current challenge is because I have like 50,000 goals.


Here are some: pushups! pullups! get faster (i.e. 9 min mile), eliminate the gym membership and do bodyweight exercising (I do live next to a park), re-learn to run with minimalist shoes and/or correct form (this probably needs to come BEFORE I start trying to get fast).


This past weekend I went on a lengthy bike ride and started talking to myself about how I was going to work out. Of course, I forgot when I got home but it involved something like running 2x a week (Tuesday and Sat). Tuesday would be 20-30 minutes of intervals, Sat would be long-ish run (~4miles or so). Wednesday and Friday would be bodyweight/ HIIT type things (mostly done in the park, step ups, lunges, squats). Sunday I could chill out or go for a bike ride and Thursday I could chill out or do some yoga.


The long term goal is to run a half marathon on March 1 (already checked out the race). I've run two previously in about 2 hr 30 mins and I'd like to crush that time. Official half marathon training wouldn't start until mid-Dec, so I have from now until then to get fast and get my form better.


Oh wait... This Sunday I'm doing a sprint triathlon (my second one), that I've done approximately 0 training for. Other than the 1.5 hr bike ride last Sunday.


And also I have unlimited yoga classes until August 13th. I've been going and they're great but it's literally a 20 minute drive one way. Not cool and not sustainable.


And also I want to start walking or biking to work. Google said it would be a 30 minute walk OR a 10 minute ride.


And also I need to get back into making food from home on the regular. I still get salads from the store so I'm not eating greasy burgers, but I know it's not as healthy as homecooked awesomeness.


And also, I'm trying to be more presentable and feminine. This involves NOT wearing my hair in a ponytail every damn day AND occasionally switching it up with some makeup.


So how do I cut down on this stuff and "prioritize"? A lot of this stuff, like biking to work, involves logistics like: how do I pack food that stays cold when it's 95 degrees at 7:30 AM? How am I going to shower? How am I not going to offend my coworkers with my disgusting ass clothes hanging in my office all day? A lot of it I've tried and failed at in the past (pushups, bodyweight, HIIT). And by failed I mean, I still can't do a pushup. How do I not do that again?

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Ok, deep breaths, relax... wow.


I tend to suffer from this a bit (more on the study/academic side than the exercise aspect).  You need to be disciplined and constructively lazy.  Pick ONE thing (maybe not the most important but the one you need to get sorted) and make it the focus for the next six weeks.  Quite a few of the things you want to do are antagonistic/pull you in completely different directions (e.g., bike to work and more presentable are both perfectly possible but involve more work when combined I guess).  Possibly start a habit/streaks log and stick with one of your goals and only add another after 42 days or so?  Thrashing about with all of them probably means you won't get any of them done, so just drop some for a while?  Not discard forever, just accept you'll get to them eventually.  I completed the world's most part time MSc ever recently and I have to say if I hadn't slowed the pace down and took it piecemeal, I'd never have got the thing finished.  That's just me though.


I picked up a couple of food containers where the top gets shoved in the freezer overnight and it keeps stuff cold for 10 hours (I usually take salad + omelette or stir fry) - not sure if they'd cope with 95 degrees though.


Does your office have shower facilities?  Or is there a *really* cheap gym you could join near the office?


In terms of fitness, you already slaughter my 1/2 marathon times, so I have little to add there.

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