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aroVALOR - Losing it for the kids

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Alrighty, then... time to get this done!


MAIN QUEST: To weigh 190 lbs by September 8, 2013, and to have a body fat percentage of <15% by Dec 31, 2013.


Mission #1: Eliminate soda and other sugary drinks from my diet, completely.


I currently drink around 500 calories a day in soda and other sugary drinks. By eliminating these, alone, I shed 3,500 calories (that's one pound) per week from my diet!!!


I will replace these drinks with 100 ounces of water each day, supplemented by teas (unsweet) and coffee (black) as needed for now.


A: No sugary drinks in a day; 100 ounces of water.

B: No sugary drinks in a day; 75 ounces of water.

C: No sugary drinks in a day; 50 ounces of water.

D: One sugary drink in a day; 50 ounces of water.

F: 2+ sugary drinks in a day or <50 ounces of water.


Mission #2: Prepare (and eat) five Zero Willpower Eating System meals each week.


The ZWES was designed by Six Pack Shortcuts. It focuses on preparing healthy meals on Sunday and freezing / refrigerating for consumption throughout the week. Five meals a week is a great start, I think. Next challenge around, I will kick this up a notch.


A: Five ZWES meals in a week.

B: Four ZWES meals in a week.

C: Three ZWES meals in a week.

D: Two ZWES meals in a week.

F: 0-1 ZWES meals in a week.


Mission #3: Perform Six Pack Shortcut exercises five days a week.


I will start with their Insane Home Fat Loss program for two weeks, then switch to the Six Pack Shorcuts program with two extra workouts of IHFL each week.


A: Five SPS workout days, with two extra sessions of IHFL. (Or simply five IHFL workouts the first two weeks.)

B: Four SPS workout days, with two extra sessions of IHFL. (Or simply four IHFL workouts the first two weeks.)

C: Three SPS workout days, with one extra session of IHFL. (Or simply three IHFL workouts the first two weeks.)

D: Two SPS workout days, with one extra session of IHFL. (Or simply two IHFL workouts the first two weeks.)

F: 0-1 SPS workout days, or no extra sessions of IHGL. (Or simply one IHFL workouts the first two weeks.)


LIFE QUEST: Start every day with an Hour of Power, and a Next-Day Planning Session every night.


My Hour of Power will consist of:

  1. My workout
  2. Deep breathing exercises
  3. Gratitude
  4. Bible reading
  5. Journal



I am so frustrated by how difficult it is to play with my kids. I feel sore and winded every time I try getting down to play with them, and that makes me cranky and unable to be totally present for them both. Also, I want to enjoy adventures with my wife and keep my... umm... bedroom stamina high! I want to be able to devour her on a regular basis (and have her WANT me to devour her because of my sexy abs and arms)!


Finally, I am sick and tired of being seen as the un-athletic friend! I enjoy playing sports, but I lack motivation because I feel winded and unable to perform at the level of my friends. NO MORE!



My wife, Rachel



My daughter, Kate (1 yr, DOB 4/18/12)



My son, Jack (1 mo, DOB 6/25/13)

Aaron Ross Owens (My Challenge)

Parker, CO (Denver metro)

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AWWWWW!!! That is awesome! Beautiful family- I can understand your motivation, I have 6 myself. Looking forward to watching your progress. Welcome!! :positive:

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I second Shaunty, that's an awesome motivation! It should definitely help you reach your goal. I can totally understand you on the stamina one, by the way; my manfriend and I like to take long walks together (especially in this sunny summer weather!), and I always get embarrassed because I get winded after very little time. To be fair, he has very long legs, so it's like watching a chihuaha try to keep up with a great dane, but still! I want to be able to talk and not be winded!

So, yeah, I feel your pain, and I think cutting out soda is a great way to start. It's definitely difficult, especially if you're used to grabbing a coke and not water, but after a few weeks, water tastes SO. GOOD. It's crazy! Good luck! 

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What a beautiful family!! That is wonderful motivation! I love my parents, but I know I really was sad they didn't take us to the park more often due to their own health issues. Something about being able to play with your parents just makes life awesome! 

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Hey aroVALOR,

I saw you listed that you needed an accountability buddy.  I too would be interested in one.  I have two small kids and a wife that I am working for.  If you check out my thread (http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/35109-forkboy-first-challenge-no-wagons-just-level-ups/) you will see I have a similar life quest to be a better father, husband, and member of my community.  I don't know much about your listed references to Six Pack Shortcuts, so would be interested to learn more.  Looks like you have a past experience with Tony Robbins too with the "Hour of Power"?  One of my events where I lost a lot of weight and was super healthy came from following a TR program, so can identify with you there.  I didn't list that time for me in my goals for this challenge, but it is definitely on the horizon once I can get my sleeping patterns under control.  Either way I wish you the best of luck!

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