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Looking for other military nerds who can help each other keep in check.  I'm an active duty Marine, so I believe in once and always, so it doesn't matter to me if you're a Poolee, Recruit, Active, Reserve, Retired, Spouse, Brat, whatever.  


This will give us a venue to complain about how our Unit's PT just isn't quite cutting it for us, how the 1st Sgt still has his head up his butt, and talk royal smack to each other for falling off our goals.


I'll start even if there's no interest:


Active Duty Marine Sergeant, been in for about 7 1/2 years.  Currently stationed at Parris Island (no, not as a Drill Instructor, though I do have a story about that).  Radio Technician, Deployed to Camp Fallujah 07-08.  Have spent the past 7 1/2 years convincing my fellow Marines that you can be a nerd and a Marine, and be enthusiastic and efficient in both.


PFT - 245-ish - 21:00 3-mile, 13 Pull-ups, 100 Crunches

CFT - 298 - 2:55 1/2 Mile, 100+ Ammo Can Press, 2:02 MUF


Eligible for promotion this year, and considering the draw down and the fact that I weigh in AT my max weight every time, I figure nows a good time to step up my PT and health game.


Links for my 6-Week Challenge and other stuff are in my signature.


Here's the List:


CommMarine - Ranger

Draken273 - Ranger

Kalmar - Ranger

dr3wcifer - Ranger

Gllarso - Ranger


I notice a class trend >.<


This is the second 6WC I've brought this group up in, looking forward to seeing everyones input here :D


Semper Fidelis

Level 1 Nord Ranger

Stats: TBD

Runkeeper | MyFitnessPal

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Are future Marines allowed? I haven't signed up or anything, but I am intending on joining after I lose the weight.

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