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One unusable arm...ideas?

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One of my goals for this challenge (when I was going to participate) was to start practicing again. I broke my humerus on my dominant arm two week before the challenge started, boo hiss. Well I'm wondering if there are poses/ routines (not the right word) that would still allow me to get started. The only things I remember from when I used to do it were Sun salutations. Any suggestions of what to do, or where to get that info, outside of going to a class (I'm not working for a while, so I can't afford one) would be greatly appreciated. 

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If you look at some of the yoga videos online you'll notice they do things one side at a time. You could also modify a lot of the poses so that you'll be working the other arm. Things like side planks are easy to switch to one side only. Warrior poses are on your feet, train your lower body very well and don't require too much in your arms. There are a variety of ab poses that don't involve your arms either. Working around an injury is gonne feel weird but it's pretty easy once you settle in. The interesting part is once your arm is healed, you'll have to bring the arm back to speed and that might become a frustrating thing to do. From my own experience you can do whatever you want, you'll just have to modify and adjust accordingly. I had broken my foot doing stupid things and my sifu just made me do everything standing on one leg instead. So I have an incredibly strong left leg and a right leg playing catch up. It's fun but challenging.

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