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VioletFlame's 2013 Level Up - #5 (maintain)


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My main quest is one that I have been focusing on since the beginning of the year:  upleveling my life in 2013.  My intention was/is to be healthy, strong, balanced in body/mind/spirit, and accomplish my life goals.


This challenge is going to be a little difficult because I am traveling for 3 out of the 6 weeks (and I got completely off track during our 2 week break.)  So I am making this a 7 week challenge for myself so I can keep going during our break week.  My challenge goals are mainly maintenance (yay for me to have gotten to this place during the first half of the year!)


1. Strength & Flexibility - Continue with my yoga and strength training to increase my upper body and core strength.

Strength workouts:  60 min per week

Yoga workouts:  120 min per week (15 to 20 min per day)


2. Cardio - I don't know if it will be easier to track miles or minutes while I'm traveling, so I am covering both.

Cardio workouts:  300 min per week -or- 15 miles


3.  Healthy Eating - this one might be the most difficult, so I a making it simple and something that I can tell all my family so they can keep my accountable.

Eat leafy green veggies every day


Grading - I will grade each week based on percentages, 90% = A, etc.  For #3, 100% = 7 days.


Side Life Quest


1. Connect with family and friends on a deeper level.


I really wanted to make this goal about my dissertation (I am on a roll right now). But honestly, it's more important to me that I be fully focused on visiting my family and friends and connecting with them.


Grading - for each time that I notice that I am not fully present in a conversation, I will make a conscious effort to focus and share.  I need to figure out a way to note this on a daily basis, but I'm sure I will figure something out.


Actually, what I might measure is my daily meditation time.  I will need some time for myself every day so I don't get grumpy when I'm with others.



My Motivation


I want to have a long and happy life.  If I could spend all my time reading and thinking I probably would.  I need motivation to move my body and eat mindfully.  By the end of this year I want to be finished or nearly finished with my dissertation.

VioletFlame (Margie), level 4 Wood elf druid
STR 8 | DEX 6 | STA 14.5 | CON 11.25 | WIS 9.75 | CHA 9

2013 Challenge #1  ~ #2  ~ #3 ~ #4 ~ #5

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My attribute points:


Goal 1 (strength & flexibility)   STR +4

Goal 2 (cardio)  DEX +2   STA +2

Goal 3 (healthy eating)  CON 4


Life goal 1 (connections) CHA +2  WIS 1


  • Strength (STR) - physical strength
  • Dexterity (DEX) - agility and speed
  • Stamina (STA) - Endurance and Energy
  • Constitution (CON) - ability to resist damage and disease
  • Wisdom (WIS) - intuition and sense of things around himself
  • Charisma (CHA) - force of personality and physical attractiveness

VioletFlame (Margie), level 4 Wood elf druid
STR 8 | DEX 6 | STA 14.5 | CON 11.25 | WIS 9.75 | CHA 9

2013 Challenge #1  ~ #2  ~ #3 ~ #4 ~ #5

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