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WEEK 2 CHALLENGE: Building Bridges


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Totally forgot to put this in:

Finally tally on Sunday:

Full Bridge: 12, 8, 11


I'm gonna have to do more of these, they really worked me out.

lvl 4 Astartes Monk STR 8.5 | STA 9.5 | CON 6.5 | DEX 7.75 | WIS 10 | CHA 7.25

"Burn the Calorie, Kill the Workout, Purge the Apathy"

Push Up Challenge: Yellow Belt (36)

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One handed still eluding me, but can do 30s x3 full bridges, or about 2 x 10 bridge push-ups (not both in the same session). Being warmed up enough makes a big difference, otherwise I start feeling very tight-muscled in the lower back. Will keep these up!

Level 3 Monk

STR[8]  DEX[6]  STA[8]  CON[10]  WIS[8]  CHA[7] 

Current Challenge

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