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Hey guys.

So I did my first body weight circuits on Monday which were great and I'm due for another session tonight, the thing is my legs are still very sore on my quads especially.

Should I work out again through the pain or wait until they're not so sore - will I damage them?

I'll be looking at some proper stretching methods today as I think mine are rudimentary at best.

Any advice much appreciated

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I personally find that the best way to deal with DOMS is to warm the muscles up again, after the 48 hour mark.


I'll do a light warmup set to get the blood flowing to the muscles again and by the end of the light warmup I can barely feel the DOMS anymore.


This may work for you.  I've had people agree with me and say that it helps them and I've had people say it does nothing for them, so I think individual biological makeup has a lot to do with it but it's something you can try.

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Hey that advice really worked and I managed the whole workout. I had to do my squats not quite as deep but the rest was bang on.

Once I got warmed up and into it they hardly hurt at all and today they feel miles better.

I also made sure I got some serious protein within 10 minutes of my stretch out - potentially that helped too.

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Yeah, this is exactly the right advice. With regular muscle soreness (Esp. if you're just getting back into working out regularly,) the best way to deal with it is just to warm it up a little bit. Even if it's sore the very next day, you might consider busting out a quick exercise (I prefer doing like 5-10 eight-count body builders,) I guarantee you'll feel better throughout the day.

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