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Bring back the Captain InShaneO

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My wife turned me on to nerd fitness last night and I feel like it will be a great experience. I have always found it hard to be motivated to do anything and finding someone to help me stay motivated is even harder. 


My main quest is to cut the fat! 


My missions will be:


1: Go back to Paleo.


I went Paleo for a month and never felt better, I just got lazy and stopped buying groceries and cooking at home. I already track my meals on my fitness pal so it will be easy to keep a journal. I plan on doing six days per week full Paleo with leeway on Sunday while I prepare my meals for the week.


2: Do beginner bodyweight workout three times a week.


3: Run at least two miles three times per week.


My life quest would be to start playing rugby again!



Like I said above I use my fitness pal and have a Jawbone UP band if anyone would like to join me on those apps to help with a little accountability that would be great!

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