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El Dudereno loses his manboobs

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Hey everybody.

Late to the game, I know.

Today I put into words what I've needed to write down for a while: it's time to lose the manboobs that jiggle when I brush my teeth. I have the tools, and knowledge, but I just haven't been able to stick with the plans I've laid out to date.

Sub-goal 1: strict paleo until the end of the challenge. Fill up on quality protein and healthy fat, leave the carbs for after the workouts in sub-goal 2.

Sub-goal 2: make it to and through twelve crossfit wods before the challenge is over. I only pay for twelve per month, so it's a good number to work with. Lately, there have been days where I've had a rough day at work and just want to zone out for a few hours instead of hit the gym. This month, my work day isn't over until I finish a wod or take the dog for a long walk.

Sub-goal 3: sleep a full 7-8 hours per night. This is the only way to recover fully from the workouts and stressful job.

Fortunately, I've been decently paleo for long enough that I don't get cravings for sugar or bread. Unfortunately, I tend to eat what's in front of me if I'm hungry, and I work with a lot of people who enjoy bringing junk food to share. My wife and I also enjoy BW3 and the beer and junk food there (and the trivia!).

My reward at the end of a successful challenge will be to wear the nice, athletic cut t-shirt I bought to wear during last year's college football season and look dead sexy in it.

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Bulletproof coffee for breakfast, leftovers for lunch, and grass fed beef and sweet potato fries for dinner. Thinking of adding two organ meat meals per week. I have lambs liver and heart, and some grass fed beef liver in the freezer that I bought at the farmers market yesterday, and plenty of marrow bones from the one time my local co-op had them in stock. Marrow is awesome, BTW, if you've ever wondered.

Played at the park with the daughter for an hour or so. I consider that to be my light cardio for the day. We both climbed and played tag and had a swinging contest. Just the kind of excercise an adult needs now and then.

Not bad for a Sunday. Now I just need to get to bet at a reasonable hour.

Tried the My Fitness Pal app for my iPad, and I'm wondering if there's a way to adjust your target macronutrient ratios. It's suggesting 280 grams of carbs, which is about 200 more than I eat on even my workout days. It seems geared toward the calories in, calories out crowd plodding down the street tying to burn calories instead of people hitting weights and eating paleo. Maybe I'll find an app geared to what I want. If anyone knows of one, I'd be happy to hear about it.

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Soo far, so good... Unless you're any muscle in my legs. It was a tough day at the old wod box. Squats out the wazoo, burpee box jumps (ow), pull-ups, rowing, and handstand push-ups. I'm glad it's over.

Making sure to get plenty of protein after the workout and a nice cold shower to cool down.

Passed up cupcakes, ice cream, four different bowls of candy, and a pizza so far today. Had my standard bulletproof coffee for breakfast, chicken curry salad for lunch from the hippy grocery store here in town, and about to make bacon and eggs for dinner with a side salad. I'd eat some carbs, but I just realized I don't have any in the house. I have four different kinds of fat for cooking and topping, plenty of quality meat, and a bunch of fresh vegetables and some nuts and berries, but no starch. Oh well...

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Sadly, no time for breakfast. So I skipped it instead of grabbing junk food out of the vending machine. Good salad for lunch with plenty of free range chicken on top and olive oil dressing. Dinner is Salisbury steak with kale, sweet potato chips, and a side salad. Just hope this time I don't lose another slice of thumb in a mandolin accident. Thumbs are important.

It's a perfect day for a long walk with the hound, so I'll drag her several miles tonight.

I'm finding that after a crossfit wod, my body stays more soundly asleep later in the morning no matter how much earlier I go to bed. I need to find a way to sleep more efficiently if there's such a thing.

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