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Oh, yeah, should put this info from my thread here.

1) I tried out the shirataki noodles that are low carb friendly, with a low carb marinara sauce and a bunch of veggies and chicken, since pasta used to be my favorite. It wasn't bad, but wasn't good enough for me to try again. I may put the noodles in a stirfry though. +1

2) For a side, I roasted Brussel sprouts and had them for the first time. Much more successful! I'll definitely have them again. +1

3) Tried some pinto beans a friend made (I've always had an irrational aversion to beans even without having ever tried them). They were good enough, but too high carb to be a regular part of my diet. +1

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Ewwww, gross...zucchini? Veggie Patties? What the hell is a SWEET POTATO ?!?


Zucchini Chips....Mandolin the hell out of this oddly shaped ground dwelling vegetable, coconut oil, spice however you need to.  Oven at 250 until crispy.


Veggie Patties...had to spice these bad boys up quite a bit to make them palatable to me.  Loved them.


Clean up a sweet potato, shank that thing with a fork...fork it up real good, brush some dirty virgin olive oil on it, put an iron maiden of foil on it, throw it to it's doom in a hot oven.


+1 cause I tried three "icky things".

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Good work, everyone! It's great to see so many people trying new stuff... not *all* of which turned out to be icky after all. :)


Last day, for those of you for whom it is still Sunday! Keep an eye out for Mini Quest 4 coming soon...

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This week I made this:

Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser

Spartan FOD for Monday, 08.12.13

Food of the Day: Potato

Nothing flashy - just pure fuel that you can bake in your own oven. Back to basics with this hefty, belly-filling wealth of vitamins and nutrients.

The sweet potato, in particular, is a great vegetable to keep around for when you are looking for something to satisfy a sugary craving.

Baked Potatoes and Vegetables

Created by Elite Athlete Rose-Marie Jarry, chef for Kronobar

60 minutes

6 servings

380 calories per serving

Gluten free & vegan


4 Potatoes

1 Large sweet potato

2 Large red beet

4 Parsnips

2 Cups carrots diced in large cubes

6 Garlic cloves

1 Cup vegetable broth

Salt and pepper

1 Pinch of chili powder

4 Tablespoons organic coconut oil (only post cook)


Preheat oven to 400F.

Cut all fresh vegetables in big squares and place them in a glass bowl ready to go into the oven.

Pour the broth over the veggies and add all spices (reserving the coconut oil for after).

Cover with foil and bake for 45 minutes.

Serve a portion of vegetables and melt a bit of coconut oil over the top

I did modify the recipe by not including potatoes and I also did not use coconut oil.

I like beets but I rarely eat them (+1) and parsnips I think are gross but I ate them anyway (+2)

Today I also cooked liver and onions. It was definitely different than when I are liver as a kid. I almost did not follow through with cooking them because I got a little bit grossed out.

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Saturday we bought,hot peppers sunday i had some yumm. first time eating peppers i cooked with them.before but usually picked them out. so i will lay claim to 2 points for that.

Trying to recall anything else.. lol i had asparagus the 10th for the first time but that is.prior to this mini quest

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Meant to post this yesterday, but I did complete this challenge for the week. I tried three different kinds of jerky. Turkey jerky that was soft on the inside, beef nuggets, and beef strips. The first two were inedible. Instantly start gagging. I was able to get the beef jerky strips down, but they were so spicy (even though they were labeled mild) as to be completely useless to me for an on the go snack (I needed to drink an entire bottle of water every time I ate some). Oh, and it's way too expensive (and I'm not interested in making my own).


Second, I tried kiwi. Just ate it straight up with a spoon. Disgusting as I expected. I have no problem with the flavor, though. So I'm going to try it again today in a smoothie.


So, not sure how many points that is, but I would say it's at least 3.

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Inspired by this i tried Persimon (never even seen it before this week, loved it) and sunflower seeds (never thought i'd ever be able to eat them, yum).


Oh and the persimmons and sunflower seeds roasted with coconut oil on the grill was amazing.  I thought i'd combine the two for fun - yummo!!

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Jicama sounds tasty, when you put it like that! I will keep an eye out for it - I've never eaten it.



I feel like I should explain jicama a bit more. It's definitely more like a potato than an apple. It's starchy and really looks like potato after it's been cut, but it's sweeter and has a texture that's more like a firm apple/pear than a potato.


When you try to peel it, don't use the veggie peeler. Anyone who tells you to use your veggie peeler is full of lies. It takes forever because of how thick and tough it is. Just cut it in half and use a knife and cut the skin off instead.


I've only ever eaten raw, like carrot sticks. Toss it with a bit of lime juice (and chili powder if you want) and you're good to go.


It's also got a great fridge life because it's potato-y-ness keeps it from getting funky after being cut.

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Oh cool!  I've already been doing this, mostly because my farm coop is always giving me new things to try.  This week I've already had sweet potato greens (which I sauteed) and pattypan squash (which I grilled).  I've got some kale, which I've never liked at all, in my fridge, maybe I'll try to find a way to cook that tonight where I won't throw it away.  That will get me up to 4 points!


I like this challenge!

I'm a bit late to this party, but I've got a great Kale recipe that I use regularly - Keeps it from getting all mushy and stinky, and its quick to boot! This should serve about two people as a side, or one hungry cook, straight from the skillet. This method is a bit contrary to most, since Hearty Greens like Kale, Collard or Mustard greens are usually cooked slowly in liquid to soften them, which has the unfortunate side effect of making them smell like rotten eggs and taste like compost.


Kale has a very earthy flavor to it, and if you find that off-putting you can alter the recipe by adding a bit more garlic and/or vinegar to balance things out. Red Pepper Flakes have a fruitiness that also compliments and balances the earthiness of Kale, but if you aren't into hot you can skip this.


1 Clove of Garlic, diced (or, if you prefer a more mild garlic flavor, sliced)

1 Shallot, sliced thin

1/4 Teaspoon red pepper flake (optional)

~4 cups of roughly chopped kale, washed and thoroughly dried.

Red Wine Vinegar to taste


Heat a large skillet over medium heat with just enough canola or vegetable oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Add the shallot and saute until they just start to brown, stirring regularly, about 2 minutes.


Toss in the garlic, and saute until you can smell it in the air, 30 seconds to a minute.


Add all of the Kale and the red pepper flakes, and saute until it just begins to wilt, about 5 minutes, stirring constantly. The Kale should still have a bit of crunch or snap to it. If you want it softer, continue cooking another minute or two.


Sprinkle with Red Wine Vinegar, salt and pepper to taste.

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