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Well, after having missed the first week's challenge, I thought we'd just move on to kicks. But 7FG wanted a punching challenge, and nobody disagreed. So here we go!



He doesn't go into the details of hooks and uppercuts, but for our purposes they totally count.


So, punching is something that we're more inclined to do in fighting than kicking. The limbs in question are lighter, and the training burden isn't so hard. So, I think it's reasonable for us to push ourselves this week to get 1000 punches before the week is out. These can be any kind of punches, jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts.


I'll even cut the Chunners some slack and let them count chain punches, but there's a caveat: because it's such a speed move, I'm gonna push you to get 2000 this week as opposed to the thousand everyone else is doing. Because you tend to burn through so many punches in such a short time, I want to keep it fair to people who rely more on power as opposed to speed.


Aaaaaaand... I guess that's it. HIT IT.

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I still look a little chunkier than I'd like, and my form still has too much hunching, but I was focusing on count and power, and not so much proper legwork and headwork. 


Still, 1000 punches in 12 minutes and 6 seconds (fast-forwarded for hilarity and convenience.)


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There was aggression on both sides. 

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Challenge accepted - thank goodness it's boxing class tonight :)

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Ugh...  My punching got interrupted last night due to bathroom chaos.  I got 100 in so far.  Which, given the punch combinations I do, isn't that many.  Have to step it up tonight.


Don't do tile yourself.  Seriously, just don't do it.

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Great video Thrillo  :triumphant: .


I managed 500 today in the morning just after my circuits =D.

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Everybody can make hilarious Benny Hill videos when it's the kicking challenge :)

Like! Like!

I'm at about 1200 chain punches and 200 front punches. Chain punches were going easily but I switched to punching with weights for the last 200 (to build up the speed unweighted), and ow. Should be able to finish it off easily enough tomorrow though!

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