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Paleo Cook-off anyone? [Aug 19 - Aug 25]

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Hello fellow rebels!


Not all of us are including a diet/the paleo diet in our challengs, but I know lots of you are!

If you've gone cold turkey like me or maybe been at it for a while, I'm sure there's some things you miss. Be it milk chocolate, mashed potatoes or beer.


There are quite a few ways to circumvent those things, but none of them really are "the real deal".


Well, screw the real deal! You are all clever and creative, let's turn dishes we miss or crave into paleo-goodness!


I personally love cooking, and what makes it easier for me to eat only paleo is that I can be creative on a whole new level. I can't just dish up potatoes or noodles, I have to think of something good and new and it's always exciting.


So, I propose a cook-off.


The rules I have in mind are simple.


One dish is picked that's totally not paleo. There's one week for participants to make a spin-off. Something that's kinda like it, but completely paleo. Whether you find nifty ways to make it taste the same or make something totally new out of it is up to you.

By the end of the week, a winner is picked via poll. 


There can be as many participants as we can find - because obviously, the more awesome recipes we can come up with, the better! 


Anyone up for it?

Just trying to get back on my feet. :)

ApfelStrudi is out of control

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