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Early exercise and getting sick

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Hey all,

About six months ago, I started getting up very early to go workout in the gym.  Even though I tried to compensate my sleep time by going to bed earlier, I found myself getting sick a lot more often (just colds).  It became bad enough that I really had to stop waking up so early and working out.  All the weight came back, but I am motivated to give it another go.  I am worried about getting sick all the time again.

Do you think I was getting sick because of the early rise?  Any suggestions for how to keep these “workout colds†(if that is what they are) away?  I am usually a very healthy person and never get sick.  It is really hard for me to workout after work, and if I go too late I worry I will not be able to fall asleep, so I don’t know another time I could hit the gym.

Thanks all!



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Any major lifestyle change will take a toll on your body. Waking up early will do part of that. So will working out regularly if you're not used to it.


Pace yourself. Introduce things gradually. Don't try to change everything at once. If you want to test out what's making you feel sicky, you may want to change your sleep schedule first and see how you feel, then introduce a regular workout.

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Keep in mind that your recovery process is every bit as important as actually doing the workouts.  If I had to guess I'd say you were getting sick more because you either weren't eating enough to recover from your workouts, or weren't getting enough sleep.  You can of course still workout in a calorie deficit, just make sure it isn't too extreme.  Also the meal(s) you eat post-workout are going to be your most important, it is the best time to get some healthy carbs and protein.

It is also possible the colds were just a coincidence.  I'll echo RobbieBlair's advice above to introduce things gradually and let yourself adjust to the changes you are making.

Also if time is a factor, you could always consider doing bodyweight workouts at home versus going to the gym.  I suppose that would all depend on how convenient your gym is to you and how you prefer to train.  Do what works for you!  =)

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Yeah. When you start to go to the gym, you are around a new set of people, new people that carry germs. It is the same principle as to why new teachers are always sick... you are being exposed to more/different germs. My husband is in Real Estate, and every summer we are constantly sick, just because he is exposed to so many people. If you do end up back at the gym, make sure to wash your hands after handling the equipment and/or before you touch your mouth, nose, or eyes. I carry hand sanitizer with me to use frequently. (that is actually one of the only times I will actually use the stuff) That might help.

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