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Decent pedometer for daily use?

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I know quite a few people on here use pedometers, either to track walking to Mordor or other reasons, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I thought I'd just snag a cheap one off of Amazon but most of the reviews on all of them are horrible! Is it worth spending more for a better one? I'm currently job hunting so I didn't want to spend too much.

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i have a fitbit zip and use runkeeper when i run (but it measure via gps coordinates so isn't always that reliable).  you can use runkeeper for walking too, but i truly love my little zip.

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I love my fitbit... slightly pricy but the best by far I have ever tried...


omron has a good one in the 20$ range :) that I used before fitbit... when people want a lower priced one that's where I send them

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I have an Omron GOsmart pedometer, and I love it.  I got it on Amazon for around $20.  It tracks steps, calories, and miles; and it's pretty accurate in my experience.  It resets automatically at midnight, so you don't have to worry about accidentally hitting the reset button and losing your data.  I wear mine clipped to my belt and track the data in an Excel spreadsheet.

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I use Accupedo app on my Android.  It uses so little battery that I do not notice it.

Very easy to use and good graphical interface.

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I have a fitbit zip that I've used for the last six months and I really like it a lot. The ability to synch it with my phone/computer means I don't have to log my miles to mordor every day - I can check in once a week or so and add in my walking miles (plus any additional workouts I did, like biking or swimming). For me it's totally been worth the $50 I spent.

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+ 1 Fitbit


I previously had the original model (until it went through the wash) and a Zip, which wasn't bad for 'the cheap model' (the little smiling face was very motivating!). I did miss the sleep tracking though, so when the Zip went AWOL, I got myself the Flex. Liking it so far - I had read it wasn't as accurate but it seem to be getting similar numbers to what I did with the Zip. Also, I find it easier to remember to wear because it's pretty much always on my wrist (I had a terrible habit of forgetting my Zip).

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