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...because I'm a potato

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What a great concept Nerd Fitness is - a place to talk about getting fit while letting your geek flag fly. Other fitness sites and forums just don't do it for me...it's good to be among my people.


I'm a 42 y/o woman, 5'6", 146 lbs and 27% body fat (as measured last night using this tool: http://www.healthcentral.com/cholesterol/home-body-fat-test-2774-143.html). 


In the last year and a half I've lost about 50 pounds through changes to my diet, but I've recently come to the decision that now is the time to start firming up and getting fit. I've never been very fit. I work a sedentary IT job and feel like these years are my last, best hope for getting in shape before becoming A Woman of a Certain Age.  


A few inspirations:


1. People at work have started commenting on my weight loss even though I've been pretty stable at this weight for months. It's given me a second wind though and I'd like to take advantage of it.


2. My long-distance boyfriend and I will be meeting soon and I don't want to look like...well, a potato.


3. My sister, who is a super fit boot-camp triathalon type, wants to climb Mt. St. Helens next June for her 40th birthday. She asked if I would work toward it this year so I could do this with her and I jumped on the opportunity. I want to do this for myself AND for her. It isn't a technical climb but it's considered challenging for people who are in decent shape so I have some work to do.  This is my Main Quest.


So...that is my introduction. I look forward to hanging around here and making a nuisance of myself. ;-)


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welcome!!  you have great goals/inspirations (and a totally kickass username)


Thanks!  The Princess Bride is one of my all-time favorite movies.




Good to see new faces! 

On a side note, I met Ellen McLain (voice of GLaDOS) at a convention last year and she was incredibly nice.


I would love to meet her sometime - her voice has become so iconic.  It was exciting to hear her in Pacific Rim too.




Hey, are you also from the Northwest? I ask because of the Mt. St. Helens reference. I'm from Oregon, close enough to the Washington border that I can see said mountain on a clear day. :)


Yep!  I'm living in Redmond and working in Seattle.  I've lived in the Seattle area all my life, I remember when St. Helens erupted but have never gone to see it.  Looking forward to it!

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