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My name's Caroline but I go by Roli. I'm 22, a uni student, Australian and I tend to try and do too many things at once, so we're going to stop that list right there. My boyfriend James is my biggest help as far as fitness goes, he does a lot of our cooking and always encourages me to exercise :)


I've been following the Nerd Fitness blog for almost a year now, and it's helped me get into a bit more shape by making some small diet changes and doing a bit more exercise. I like Nerd Fitness because not only is it always a fun and geeky read, but everything seems to make sense.


Over the last year I've managed to shift about four centimetres off my bust/waist/hip measurements, which is fantastic. So currently I'm sitting at measurements of 98/78/107cm [39/31/42 inches], a weight of approximately 75kg [165 pounds] at 168cm [5 foot 6] tall and I have a body fat percentage of 25.5% according to this calculator. Which is good, and a definite improvement, but not good enough!


See, earlier this year James offered me a bribe of pretty clothing if I got myself down to a size ten [measurements of 86/67/92cm or 34/26/36 inches] by the end of the second week of September. Due to various reasons, including spreading myself too thin over too many things that required willpower, that hasn't happened. So a few days ago, I handed the reins over to James and we are doing a complete diet overhaul to all whole foods and exercising a lot! It's nice when one's boyfriend is willing to turn personal trainer for one ^__^ I know that it's better to create gradual, sustainable change, and I've tried that. It does work, but I felt I needed to try giving this my all for a bit. I'm going to tone it down once I reach my desired size, because I know I'll still need to keep on my diet and exercise to maintain a healthier weight.. and besides, I'm loving getting fitter and being able to do more exercise every day! It's been really exciting so far, and I thoughts that since I was doing something so drastic fitness-wise it was probably about time I joined the Nerd Fitness forums!


So that's the "fitness" part of my story, the "nerd" part is that I play a select few computer games far too much, read excessive amounts of fantasy and James and I are both photographers [and I model sometimes!] who explore all kinds of things including steampunk, fantasy, cosplay and bodypaintings.



I take photos and I write about stuff.

Also, pirates ^__^

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